3 Sheer Curtain Ideas to Treat Windows in Your Living Room

curtains for living room
The windows of your living room play a crucial role when it comes to the look and feel of your interiors. Since they’re the only source of daylight in your living room, you need to be careful when choosing window treatments for them. Sheer curtains are a popular window treatment idea for living rooms these days. In this blog post, we’ll give you three simple yet innovative ideas to treat your living room windows with sheers. Use Sheers as a Window Scarf Sheer curtains are a versatile Read more [...]

4 Ways to Cover Skylight Windows to Avoid Unwanted Heat and Cold

motorized windows skylights
Skylight windows on the roof of a house are a great way to bring in more light to a dark room such as a kitchen or a bathroom. But given the location of skylights and the time of the year, they catch the sun’s high-angled glare and can overheat a room. They can also let in unwanted cold during the winter months. Although skylights don’t require a covering under normal circumstances, the right window covering can provide light control, privacy, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and make them more energy Read more [...]

Choosing the Right Window Shades to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors

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Many glass windows are larger and wider than they have been in the past. This is a problem because windows are notorious heat reflectors and absorbents. A high-performance window absorbs ten times the heat during summer and loses ten times the heat during winter compared to a wall of equal dimensions. However, sunlight has its own downsides and dealing with UV rays is tricky as they’re present even when the sun isn’t shining on cloudy days. The harmful UV rays are responsible for discolouration Read more [...]

A Quick Guide to Selecting Window Treatments for Kitchen Sink Window

When it comes to covering your kitchen windows, there are several choices available. A beautiful window over the kitchen sink is aesthetically delightful as it allows the warm daylight inside your space and brightens it up. But choosing the right window treatment for a kitchen sink window is often tricky because of its location. You need to choose your kitchen window treatments carefully so that they’re fashionable yet durable, easy-to-clean, and resistant to moisture and heat. In this blog post, Read more [...]

4 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Stationary Curtains

curtains for living room
If you’ve decided to opt for curtains or draperies to treat your windows, then you need to evaluate each window to find its ideal solution. A single type of curtain style doesn’t work well for all kinds of windows. Depending on your needs (light and privacy), convenience and budget, you can choose between an operable or a stationary curtain style. Stationary curtains are an excellent way to decorate your windows and accentuate your room. As the name suggests, these curtains are not operable Read more [...]

How to Choose Window Treatments for Short and Wide Windows

Roman Shades in Toronto
Short and wide windows are tricky to dress up. Window coverings for short windows should provide an illusion of height and for wide windows, they should enhance the framing. You need to be, therefore, strategic with these types of windows whether you choose curtains, drapes, shades or valances. In this blog post, we’ve put together some ideas to help you choose the right window treatments for short and wide windows. Hang Floor-Length Curtains One idea is to use a floor-length curtain to make Read more [...]

Styling Your Windows with Window Scarf Treatments

bamboo shades
Window scarves are an attractive treatment for your windows. They’re a piece of lightweight fabric that functions not like an elaborate curtain but instead, hangs on either side of the windows or around the curtain rod. Window scarves can also be elegantly paired with curtains, drapes, blinds and shades. There are several ways to hang window scarf treatments to dress up your windows. You can get creative with window scarves to achieve your desired style. All you need is a length of your preferred Read more [...]

4 Ways to Cover Windows over a Radiator

curtains for living room
Most old-fashioned radiators are bulky and occupy a lot of space beneath the windows. If you have one of these radiators in your home, then you’re aware of the difficulties it creates when it comes to decorating your windows. We’ve compiled some simple ways to treat your windows without hindering the functionality of these blocky structures. Floor-Length Curtains Floor-length curtains work best with radiators under the windows, but closing them means they’ll block the heat generated Read more [...]

Window Treatment Ideas for Floor-Length Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great addition to any home. Whether you live in the countryside overlooking mountains and valleys, or in the city surrounded by skyscrapers, these windows provide the best outdoor views. Besides a striking view, floor-to-ceiling windows provide an abundance of air flow and natural light. However, for adequate privacy, you need to install proper window treatments and floor length windows are often tricky to cover. Here are five simple yet stylish ideas to decorate your Read more [...]

3 Window Covering Ideas to Decorate Bow Windows

  Bow windows are a popular type of curved windows that are known for their quality of soaking your indoor space with sunlight. They look like rounded bay windows but there are some key differences A bay window has a combination of 2-3 windows whereas a bow window comprises of 4-6 windows protruding outside the wall in a graceful arch. They have more glass area and are larger than bay windows. Bow windows add an architectural delight to your space but are, however, tricky to decorate. Here Read more [...]

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