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Centurian Window Fashions brings together an exclusive selection of custom blinds, shades and drapes in a wide range of colour choices. Our showroom provides an extensive selection so you can pick the perfect decor fit for your home. Our one stop shop location is made so you don’t have to go shopping around for different brands at different places. Our collection lines consist of the top-of- the-line window covering brands like Hunter Douglas, Shade O Matic, Levolor, Graber, Maxxmar, Robert Allen and many more.

Our wide range of branded window shutters, drapes, blinds and shades can transform your home décor based on your tastes and style. We work hard to bring a repertoire of delicate designs in dignified shades under one roof so you can choose comfortably at the best prices.

Our experienced and trained window treatment professionals stand by you to offer valuable advice during the entire process of consultation and installation. It starts from the time you give us a call or walk into our Vaughan showroom. Tell us your requirements and we will guide you through the journey of altering your window decor. From free in-home consultations to installation services, we offer the best window treatment services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Centurian Window Fashion is a leading Canadian provider of window shades, blinds, shutters, curtains and draperies. With our services, you don't have to worry about spending an inordinate amount of time over the selection and purchase of window coverings. Our immense selection of styles, materials and colours ensures you will find something to suit your needs. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose us for your window treatment needs.

  • We ensure a stress-free purchase and guarantee the best customer services.
  • We offer error-free customized in-home installations.
  • Our professionals know our products inside and out and will help you pick the right window treatments for your home.
  • We sell our window coverings at competitive rates to ensure there's something for every budget.
  • Our showroom's full-size displays allow customers to touch, see and compare products.

Elegant Window Fashions.

Our window coverings are of the highest quality and durability. We ensure 100% satisfaction when it comes to our installation services. Our courteous after-sales services guarantee you’re enjoying your new chic window decors.

Without compromising on quality, we have put in hard work to bring you the finest window treatment solutions at the best prices. Our products and services are cost effective, which makes us the top choice when it comes to your window fashions.

At Centurian, our aim is to provide you the best in terms of products and services. This is our unique selling feature that sets us apart and makes us different from the competition.


Our experts understand the importance of making your home safe and secure, which is why we offer solutions for every type of window. With our services, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive professional consultation and installation, making the entire process smooth. With a wide range of quality window coverings, we are committed to offering our clients durable products to fit individual personalities and interior styles. When you trust Centurian Window Fashions, you get exceptional service and great value alongside unique, innovative and affordable products.

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Private evening and weekend store/showroom appointments available upon request.

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9 Good Reasons to Invest in Custom Home Window Treatments

From flipping through interior design magazines to browsing similarly-themed websites, you do everything to ensure that your home reflects your unique sense of style and design. When it comes to window coverings, it only makes sense to carefully consider the benefits of choosing custom-made ones over store-bought. We can give you nine good reasons to invest in custom window treatments. Why Choose Custom Window Treatments Over Readymade Ones? When choosing new window coverings, you might wonder what the differences are between readymade treatments and custom-made ones. Are custom draperies more expensive? If so, are they worth the extra money? Here, the experts at Centurian Window Fashions explain why custom drapery, shades and blinds are best. Precise Window Measurements  Window treatments come in a range of types and sizes. From readymade pleated blinds to roller shades and sheer curtains, there’s something for every need, style and budget. Since not all window coverings are the same, readymade options won’t always meet your needs. The window coverings found in most home improvement and big department stores are made to fit a limited range of standard window sizes. This often leads to ill-fitting coverings that don’t give your interiors the desired look or control over how much light gets in. With custom treatments, experienced specialists measure your windows and make coverings to exactly fit. Array of Colours and Fabrics  Aside from limited sizes, readymade window coverings come in limited colours and fabrics. For example, do you love the look of wooden blinds? Then you won’t have many materials or colours to choose from and might end up choosing whatever’s in stock and then modifying them according to your style or preferences. This could result in damage. If you prefer a certain curtain fabric and pattern, it will likely be difficult to find in the readymade section of a home improvement store. When you choose customization, window treatment professionals make your drapes using the fabric, colour and pattern you select to match your unique style. Perfect Interior Decor Coordination When buying readymade window coverings online, or from a home improvement store, you run the risk of purchasing products that don’t match the rest of your home decor. Sometimes, photos online or, because of lighting, the in-store product don’t exactly match the colour of the product you want. This can result in regret and disappointment, not to mention wasted time and money. When you choose custom window coverings, you have a range of colours, fabrics and designs, instead of being limited to a few options. This is extremely helpful when you’re trying to coordinate your window treatments with other elements in the room. Quality Craftsmanship  The saying “you get what you paid for” applies to window treatments. The inexpensive ones are made using low-quality materials that are neither durable nor functional. For example, the slats of store-bought blinds often break and lose their ability to block light, which leads to expensive repairs and replacements. Although custom window treatments cost more, you’re guaranteed to get high quality …

How to Choose and Install Window Treatment (A Handy Guide)

Window treatments are an integral part of your home decor. They not only add a decorative touch to your living space and enhance its visual appeal but keep out light and maintain privacy. In short, they can impact your home’s appearance and functionality. That’s why you must choose and install window coverings with care. Whether you’re choosing blinds, shutters, shades or curtains, there are some tried and tested rules when it comes to getting well-dressed windows and elevating their style. If dressing up your windows is a challenge, follow these do’s and don’ts to turn them into a stunning focal point for your living space. Window Coverings: Do-s and Don’ts It’s necessary to choose the right window treatment and install it perfectly to get the look you want and increase your home’s practicality. Here we share some do’s and don’ts to get gorgeous window coverings in no time. What to Do 1) Consider the Room’s Function When selecting window coverings, consider the room’s function and style. For example, for your bedroom, you might prefer something that blocks light at night and lets in sunlight during the day. For your dining room, the coverings should be decorative and complement your furniture and furnishings. 2) Hang Curtains High and Wide To make your windows look bigger and more luxurious, install curtains and drapes at least 12 inches above the window frame. Then extend the curtain rod out 3 to 6 inches on each side . 3) Measure Your Windows Measure your windows and the space you’ll need around the window for treatments before placing your order. An ill-fitting window treatment will spoil your home’s overall appearance. Your best bet is to ask the store to send installers to take the measurements. 4) Choose a Layered Look Layering your window treatment adds depth and gives your windows a unique look. Louver shutters with a stylish valance, luxurious drapes with elegant sheer curtains, and traditional wood blinds with pretty Roman shades are just a few ways to layer them. This not only creates a custom look but makes your windows stand out. 5) Order Samples Before you make your final decision, make sure you order samples to know how your window treatment will look like once installed. This will give you an accurate representation of the final look and make it easy to compare it to your furniture, walls and the rest of your decor. If you want to make changes, they can be implemented into the final product. 6) Consider Your Home’s Style Your new window covering should complement your existing decor. For example, if your home is decorated in a traditional style, choose wood or bamboo blinds, or drapes made of heavy fabrics, like velvet. Or, if you have a contemporary home, go for Roman shades or plantation shutters as their sleek design will complement other elements. 7) Consider a Valance A valance is an often overlooked addition that can take your window treatment to the next level. But a fabric valance …

What Are the Benefits of Installing Custom Draperies

Does your home need window treatments? If so, choose carefully as they dictate your privacy and how much natural air and light you get. If you are not happy with the readymade window coverings go for the customized ones. Let’s take a look at the benefits of custom draperies so you can make an informed decision. Benefits of Custom Draperies (Why You Should Invest in Them) Let’s look at the benefits of custom draperies to understand why you may want to consider purchasing them. Precise Measurements Custom draperies are tailor fit to the dimensions of your windows. When you purchase window treatments from a retail chain or similar big box store, you have limited options when it comes to size, design and colour. Ill-fitting window coverings don’t offer adequate protection from the sun or privacy. With custom draperies, accurate measurements of your windows are taken and treatments fashioned to fit them perfectly. This means you have the freedom to make them long or short. There’s also no need to worry about how they will look once installed as you choose the fabric, design, pattern and/or texture. Various Styles Drapery is a generic term used for decorative fabric mounted on windows. There are two primary types: drapes and curtains. Although the names are used interchangeably, they’re not the same. Curtains  Curtains are typically made with light fabrics and offer rooms an airy and open feel. However, curtains that are lined or made with heavier and darker-coloured materials are available. If lighter materials aren’t enough by themselves to control light and privacy, you can pair them with shades or blinds. They can also be crafted in many styles and colours and can be made to either stop at the windowsill or drop all the way down to the floor. Drapes  Drapes are typically made using stiff and heavy fabrics backed with a lining. When closed, they offer ample privacy and a more decorative touch. They are great at controlling light without the need for additional window treatments. They offer a more formal appearance than curtains and can either puddle on the floor or be designed with a traditional reach. Whether you opt for drapes or curtains, draperies in general offer a more decorative appeal than other window treatment options. Being available in many fabrics, colours, finishes and trims, they can create the appearance you are aiming for. Superior Workmanship Custom window coverings, including draperies, are made using high-quality linings and professional methods. The fabrics are carefully chosen to suit your window style and its positioning, such as how much sun it receives. Additionally, factors such as the textures and colours used in your interiors are taken into consideration to ensure it fits in with your decor. You have the chance to work with a professional who oversees every step of the design and installation to maintain the highest standards. This, in turn, ensures that your custom draperies last many years and helps you save in the long run as you won’t have …