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Centurian Window Fashions brings together an exclusive selection of custom blinds, shades and drapes in a wide range of colour choices. Our showroom provides an extensive selection so you can pick the perfect decor fit for your home. Our one stop shop location is made so you don’t have to go shopping around for different brands at different places. Our collection lines consist of the top-of- the-line window covering brands like Hunter Douglas, Shade O Matic, Levolor, Graber, Maxxmar, Robert Allen and many more.

Our wide range of branded window shutters, drapes, blinds and shades can transform your home décor based on your tastes and style. We work hard to bring a repertoire of delicate designs in dignified shades under one roof so you can choose comfortably at the best prices.

Our experienced and trained window treatment professionals stand by you to offer valuable advice during the entire process of consultation and installation. It starts from the time you give us a call or walk into our Vaughan showroom. Tell us your requirements and we will guide you through the journey of altering your window decor. From free in-home consultations to installation services, we offer the best window treatment services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Centurian Window Fashion is a leading Canadian provider of window shades, blinds, shutters, curtains and draperies. With our services, you don't have to worry about spending an inordinate amount of time over the selection and purchase of window coverings. Our immense selection of styles, materials and colours ensures you will find something to suit your needs. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose us for your window treatment needs.

  • We ensure a stress-free purchase and guarantee the best customer services.
  • We offer error-free customized in-home installations.
  • Our professionals know our products inside and out and will help you pick the right window treatments for your home.
  • We sell our window coverings at competitive rates to ensure there's something for every budget.
  • Our showroom's full-size displays allow customers to touch, see and compare products.

Elegant Window Fashions.

Our window coverings are of the highest quality and durability. We ensure 100% satisfaction when it comes to our installation services. Our courteous after-sales services guarantee you’re enjoying your new chic window decors.

Without compromising on quality, we have put in hard work to bring you the finest window treatment solutions at the best prices. Our products and services are cost effective, which makes us the top choice when it comes to your window fashions.

At Centurian, our aim is to provide you the best in terms of products and services. This is our unique selling feature that sets us apart and makes us different from the competition.


Our experts understand the importance of making your home safe and secure, which is why we offer solutions for every type of window. With our services, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive professional consultation and installation, making the entire process smooth. With a wide range of quality window coverings, we are committed to offering our clients durable products to fit individual personalities and interior styles. When you trust Centurian Window Fashions, you get exceptional service and great value alongside unique, innovative and affordable products.

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Private evening and weekend store/showroom appointments available upon request.

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How to Pick the Best Window Curtains for Your Home

Are you renovating your existing decor? Moving into your dream home? Whatever you do, don’t ignore your curtains, as they can help set a room’s tone. True, it can be confusing to choose the ones that are just right for your home. The range of options when it comes to fabric and hardware are vast, and the style possibilities, from ornamental and substantial to light and breezy, are virtually limitless. Don’t worry. Here are some amazing tips that will help you choose the right window curtains. Tips to Find the Perfect Window Curtains Choosing window curtains to match your interiors isn’t easy. Follow these tips to ensure you’re making the right decision. What fabric should you choose for the curtains? The right fabric dictates how well your curtains hold up and function. If it’s too light, it may not fall well; if it’s too heavy, it may not form crisp folds. First, hold the fabric up to a window, even if you’re purchasing it from a showroom. This is the best way to understand how well it will function and look at home. You can also take the fabric and pleat it like an accordion at the top and allow it to drape. Use at least a couple of yards, as anything smaller will fail to display the actual draping of the fabric. Also, remember that sunlight fades the fabric. If you’re dressing windows in a room that receives a lot of natural light, avoid bright colours as these generally fade faster. Here are some of the most popular curtain materials. Cotton Cotton adds a casual feel to a room when used as a curtain and is easy to clean. It allows plenty of light to filter through and generates a bright and cheerful ambience during the day. Adding a cotton panel to your curtains with a lining creates a denser appearance that also offers more privacy and temperature control. Linen This fabric’s textured weave is meant to diffuse the light beautifully. Linen panels can also be dry cleaned but should be hung immediately afterwards to ensure smooth draping. Linen-Silk Blend This light-diffusing blend combines the lustrous sheen of silk with the relaxed nature of linen. However, silk is susceptible to sun damage from prolonged exposure. To avoid this, consider having your curtains lined. How to decide on the length of the curtains? Curtains are a significant design element in any room. As such, their length impacts how small or large the space appears. It’s not necessary to install curtain rods directly above the window frame and make the hem end at your windowsill. Remember, the closer the curtains are to your ceiling, the larger it will make the room feel. This is also applicable for the hem as they can also hang below the windowsill. Before you begin measuring, figure out how you want your room to appear. For a formal atmosphere, have your curtains start above your windows and fall to the floor. With shorter ceilings, traditional curtains …

What You Need to Know About Installing Shutters in Bathrooms

Your bathroom is a practical space but shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to interior design. When it comes to dressing its window(s), bathrooms present a challenge. Your best bet is to install a classic window treatment like shutters that work in any room. Before installing shutters in your bathroom, here are some points to consider, including how they can benefit the space. What to Know Before Buying Shutters for Your Bathroom Buying and installing shutters is a significant investment that offers many benefits. You can make the most of them by keeping in mind certain factors about the styles and options available. 1. Slat/Louvre Size The louvres on shutters are slats that open and close. They’re generally available in three sizes – 11.43, 8.89 and 6.35 cm. When choosing one for your bathroom, a good rule of thumb is to pick bigger slats for larger windows and smaller slats for smaller windows. But this method isn’t applicable to every homeowner. Your best bet is to choose a shutter that suits your requirements and that of your bathroom window. 2. Frame Style The frame style of your window treatment determines its look and functionality.  You also need to decide whether an inside- or outside-mounted shutter is more suitable. This affects the tilting operation, along with privacy and light control in your bathroom. For best results, contact a window treatment provider. They’ll be able to guide you with the best options. 3. Material Composition Before buying them, make sure you ask your window treatment provider what the shutters, louvres and frame are made from. Some of the most common materials are premium hardwoods, MDF wood composite and polyresin, among others. Various finishes and paint options are available. 4. A Range of Options Other shutter choices include: If they have a hidden tilt or centre tilt operation. Whether they are half-length to create a café look or full length to cover the entire window. The paint colours and stains are available. If they can be motorized. 5. Waterproof Bathrooms are one of the most difficult rooms to decorate and furnish due to the presence of moisture. This causes wooden blinds and curtains to warp and fade, while plastic blinds can handle it but aren’t great to look at. This is what makes shutters an excellent option. Since they come in many materials, you can easily find one made with waterproof synthetic wood that will resist warping and staining. Benefits of Installing Shutters in Bathrooms Installing shutters offer many benefits, making them a great addition to bathrooms. Here are some of them. 1. They’re Hygienic High standards of cleanliness help ensure you and your family’s health. This makes shutters a suitable option for bathrooms as they’re easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe the slats and frame with a damp cloth. Alternatively, choose a suitable cleaning solution to take care of bacteria and germs. 2. They Allow Ventilation and Control Temperature By adjusting your shutters’ louvres, you control and direct …

Roman Shades: How to Choose the Best One for Your Home

Decorating your window shades can be an exciting process as you contemplate numerous styles in order to choose the perfect one. But it’s vital to pick a type that’s both functional and cozy. Roman shades are a great choice owing to their reasonable pricing and ability to blend with any decor. In fact, they may just be the most versatile window treatment, with a wide variety of styles available. Although they’ve been around for many years, Roman shades remain a trendy option for modern and contemporary homeowners. However, with so many types on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best. Go through our guide to weigh your options and find Roman shades that match your interiors perfectly. Various Types of Roman Shades for Your Home Are you looking to purchase Roman shades for your home? Then keep reading this blog and find out all you need to know about their different styles. Balloon Roman Shades Balloon Roman shades offer both a formal and casual appearance simultaneously, based on whether you leave them hanging loose or roll them up. Remember to choose soft fabrics (like cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester) to create an overall look that’s easy on the eyes. Softer fabrics also give you the freedom to layer these shades with other window treatments. Their highly decorative appearance makes them ideal for traditional home decor, however, their versatility allows them to look great in any room. Plain Fold or Flat Roman Shades These are the most popular Roman shades for their elegance and simplicity. They’re made using a single piece of fabric which has no seams in the middle when lowered. They also take up much less space than other types of Roman shades when lowered or raised. If you have patterns on the material and don’t want seams to ruin its beauty, or want to create a sleek overall appearance, choose plain fold Roman shades. This style is most suited for living rooms and bedrooms where shades are closed and opened depending on your need for natural light. The absence of seams adds durability to the fabric and avoids creating extra bulk, making it ideal for narrow windows. Relaxed Roman Shades If you opt for a chic and casual design, relaxed Roman shades are a great choice. Even when kept drawn up, their folds create a comfortable atmosphere. They’re also a great addition to nurseries and children’s rooms where you might want a serene experience, with window treatments offering a soft finish. They can also be paired with matching throws and pillows to create a seamless appearance. Cascade Roman Shades These unfussy and simple shades offer an overall sophistication. Their versatility allows them to blend well with many decor styles, from ornate traditional to modern. Cascade Roman shades are made by placing horizontal back rods that are about 6” or 8” apart. This makes the fabric more durable and rigid. They also add a unique accent to your interiors, with aluminum dowels …