What Window Treatments Will Be Big in 2021? (Top 5 Trends)

Like fashion, home decor trends change from year to year. That means you not only have to update your wardrobe but your window treatments.

So, what’s going to be big in 2021?

Here, our experts look at blinds, curtains and valances to figure out what’s going to be both functional and fashionable.

Window Treatment Trends Expected to be Popular in 2021

Let’s look at what’s expected to be big next year.

1. Layered Window Treatments

Layered Window Treatments
Gone are the days when homeowners chose either a soft or a hard window covering. Today, some of the most interesting looks are being created by combining soft and hard.
For instance, layering sheer curtains with hard window coverings offersan extra layer of privacy and light filtration. This makes it a functional, better designed addition.
Alternatively, you can layer curtains in different fabrics so you have window coverings that work in the colder months too. Example: a sheer curtain ensures that a room receives ample sunlight whereas heavier curtains can block it.

2. Technology


Controlling your window treatments from the comfort of your couch or bed is a reality. In fact, motorized window treatments are bringing comfort to a new level, with manufacturers groupingthem into two main categories:
• Automated Pleated Blinds
Technological advances are making it possible to equip pleated curtains with an electric drive, including day and night varieties that are typically double layered.
• Automated Horizontal and Vertical Blinds
Made using fabric, plastic or metal, these offer an ease of control that allows homeowners to adjust their level of brightness with the touch of a button.

3. Curtains in Neutral Tones

Curtains in neutral tones are expected to be huge in the coming year as they can be matched with virtually any colour or design scheme. Moreover, they provide any room a refined and elegant style. This type is ideal when combined with furniture in similar tones but not the exact same colour.

4. Botanical and Floral Prints

Botanical and Floral Prints

Botanical, floral and other exotic printwindow treatments are widely popular and will likely continue to be 2021. You’realso likely to see a wide range of curtains with subtle yet modern prints on soft pastel tones.

5. Abstract Shapes and Lines

If floral patterns and botanical prints aren’t your thing, you may appreciate modern window treatment designs with abstract shapes and lines instead. These offer a luxurious and stunning look to any room andcome in a wide range of designs, colours and shapes.
When thinking about a home upgrade, don’t overlook your window treatments. With the right additions, they add the finishing touch to a room’s overall design scheme. Hopefully, this post has given you some great ideas and helps you choose the right window coverings.