3 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Curtains for White Walls

White walls are a popular trend these days in modern homes with sleek decor styles. They offer a clean background to experiment with different colours, textures, and patterns.

However, pairing the right colours against a white background can be tricky, be it your window treatments, furnishing or accessories. Window treatments form a major part of the large accessories of your interiors as they add a secondary colour scheme to your room. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with some essential tips on how to choose the right curtain colours to coordinate with white walls.

  1. All White

If you believe in ‘less is more’, choose white curtains for your white walls. To achieve the perfect styling, keep it simple, clean, and light.  Opt for a lightweight fabric like cotton, polyester, voile, wool, linen, faux silk, or organza. For a natural look and feel, cotton, wool, and linen are a good choice as the rough fibres provide a soft texture to the curtains. White curtains with patterns such as herringbone or chevron can be layered with neutrals to match the colour scheme of your room and add visual interest. Sheer curtains are the ideal choice if you want to keep your room bright and airy.

  1. Dark Colours

It’s a growing trend to pair dark colours with white interiors. Dark colours like blue, charcoal or grey will help provide contrast and create a centre of attraction in your room. If you’re not afraid of experimenting with timeless styles, you can opt for black curtains to create a unique black and white colour scheme. Make your window treatment suitable for all seasons by layering it with sheers. During the summer season, you can simply draw open the dark curtains and control the light and privacy with the sheers. On the other hand, you can bring warmth to your interiors during the winter season as the dark curtains will provide insulation when drawn close.

  1. Interesting Patterns

Colour block fabric or some interesting bright coloured patterns are a good way to spruce up an all-white room. Orange, aqua, red, lime, and lemon yellow are some refreshing colours you can consider for the patterns or colour blocks, complementing the furniture, upholstery, and other accessories of your home decor.

Some More Tips

  • Before choosing a colour for your curtains, always consider the different practical aspects of your window. If you want to block light and get enhanced privacy, choose dark colours. But for small or dark rooms, opt for light colours and sheers.

  • Choose the length of the curtains depending on your aesthetic and functional preferences. Consider the window size, the width of the wall, and furniture style.

  • If you choose solid colours, go for some textures to add more visual interest against the white wall. Try out different swatches of fabric to find what suits your interior style before making a purchase.

Follow these tips and transform the look of your room with white walls. Make sure to purchase top quality fabric from reputed dealers in your location. Visit our window fashion showroom at Vaughan or Mississauga if you’re looking for curtains from brands like Hunter Douglas, Maxxmar, ShadeOmatic, Somfy, Graber, and many more.