3 Sheer Curtain Ideas to Treat Windows in Your Living Room

The windows of your living room play a crucial role when it comes to the look and feel of your interiors. Since they’re the only source of daylight in your living room, you need to be careful when choosing window treatments for them. Sheer curtains are a popular window treatment idea for living rooms these days. In this blog post, we’ll give you three simple yet innovative ideas to treat your living room windows with sheers.

  1. Use Sheers as a Window Scarf

Sheer curtains are a versatile window treatment. They’re available in different colours, patterns, and long lengths which make them suitable to be used like a window scarf. Along a decorative curtain rod, drape the curtain’s midsection into beautiful swags. You can create the best visual effect by twisting together two or three sheer curtains in different colours.

Another way of decorating your living room windows with sheer curtains is to pair up these window scarves with sheer window panel. For more decorative ideas, check out Pinterest.

  1. Pair Thick Curtains with Sheer Curtains

If your living room windows bring in too much daylight, then this is an excellent way to control the amount of light. The sheer curtains let diffused light into the room keeping it softly lighted while the thick curtains help you block light on a very sunny day. If you use an air conditioner, the thick curtains can help keep the room cooler by preventing too much heat to enter the room. Also, during winter, they can act as an insulator keeping your room comparatively warmer.

Besides their functionality, the combination of sheers and thick curtains can also provide a lot of style and a unique edge to your living room decor. Choose two contrasting colours such as blue and cream, black and white, fuchsia and grey, pink and brown, etc. depending on the colour of your windows and walls.

  1. Try a No-Sew Quick Fix

If you’ve got some sheer curtains that you can’t hang up on your short windows because they’re too long, we have a quick solution for you. You don’t need to sew them to shorten their length. Simply fold over the top of the curtains according to your desired overall length and then press with a steam iron to form a crease. Take metal curtain clips and attach them at equal gaps to the top of the curtain. The sheer curtains will be ready for your short windows! Just slide the clips on a curtain rod.

Consider the function of your windows in terms of privacy, light, insulation, and room decor before choosing a window treatment. At Centurian Window Fashions, besides offering premium quality window treatments at affordable prices, we also assist you in selecting the right window solutions. Call us today at 416-489-9990.