4 Ways to Cover Skylight Windows to Avoid Unwanted Heat and Cold

Skylight windows on the roof of a house are a great way to bring in more light to a dark room such as a kitchen or a bathroom. But given the location of skylights and the time of the year, they catch the sun’s high-angled glare and can overheat a room. They can also let in unwanted cold during the winter months.

Although skylights don’t require a covering under normal circumstances, the right window covering can provide light control, privacy, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and make them more energy efficient.

Covering a skylight window, however, is tricky because of its design. In this blog post, we’ve discussed some effective ways of covering them without limiting their functionality. Read on to find out how you can treat your skylight windows.

  1. Solar Glazing and Tinted Glass

Solar glazing glass is one type of performance glass that limits solar buildup, minimizes radiation, and improves energy efficiency. Functioning like window shades, bronze- or grey-tinted glass also efficiently blocks UV rays. Both solar glazing glass and tinted glass help protect your indoor furniture and flooring from the bleaching effects of sunlight.

  1. UV Reflective Films

These reflective films are an alternative to aluminium coated window treatments to cover skylights. There are different varieties of reflective films available. If you want a clear view of the sky, choose a sputtered film and if the clarity of the sky view doesn’t bother you, choose hybrid reflective films that contain dye. But note that although UV reflective films help block UV rays and heat, they aren’t as effective as aluminium coated shades and blinds.

  1. Pleated Shades

Pleated shades not only help limit the sun’s glare and overheating but also help to prevent heat loss at night. Uncovered clear skylights lose a large amount of heat during the night causing the temperatures drop 5-10 degrees below the ambient temperature. Also known as cellular shades, these window covers are made from thick, durable fabrics with an aluminium coating. They diffuse and soften the incoming daylight and protect the furniture and flooring from the harmful UV rays.

  1. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds made from aluminum are also an excellent window treatment option for skylights. They run with tracks inside the skylight recess. Typically motorized and controlled by remote control, you have the flexibility of controlling the angle of the slats any time.

Other window coverings that work well with skylight windows are honeycomb cellular blinds, RV skylight shades, and retractable awnings.

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