5 Interesting Ways to Treat Your Bathroom Windows

A bathroom is the most personal space in the house. When it comes to choosing window treatments for your bathroom, you must, therefore, make sure they provide style, colour, and functional coverage. For this blog post, we’ve put together five interesting ways to cover your bathroom windows.

  1. Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are an interesting choice for your bathroom because they provide a very clean and finished look. Given the high moisture in the room, vinyl is the perfect material as it doesn’t crack or warp like wood. Block only half the window for a better balance of light and privacy.

  1. Frosted Glass

The biggest advantage of having a frosted glass window in the bathroom is that it allows plenty of light inside while barring the view. This means that you have a naturally well-lit bathroom with enhanced privacy. This window treatment is ideal especially when you have your shower or bathtub next to the window. If you want to enjoy an outside view, then consider using frosted glass only for the lower half of your bathroom window.

  1. Shades

You can use shades in several ways to stylize your bathroom windows. They’re available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures to suit your bathroom decor.

  • Classic Roman Shades: If you’re fond of this classic look, opt for a water-resistant fabric for the bathroom to withstand the moisture. It’ll provide complete privacy and light control according to your needs.

  • Softer Shades: Depending on the location of your bathroom and the window, you can also use a light-weight fabric shade. The fabric will produce a blurred view of the outside while showing a silhouette through the window. You should, however, avoid this window treatment if your bathroom is located on the ground floor or you reside in a busy area or the window faces the neighbours.

  • Cellular Shades: They can trap cold and hot air between two fabric panels. Installing them on large windows over the tub will help to maintain the soaking temperature. You can also pair them with other window coverings.

  1. Cafe Curtains

If you have large bathroom windows, cafe curtains can be another functional window covering option. They’re hung on the lower portion of the window providing privacy while the top portion of the window lets in light. Depending on the level of privacy you require, you can choose sheer, light-weight or medium-weight fabric. Cafe curtains are best suited for vanities or window locations where full privacy isn’t required.

  1. Mix and Match

To create a unique look and signature style for your bathroom, you can mix and match different window treatments. For example, you can combine vinyl shutters with valances or window scarves or curtains with faux wood blinds. The layered look will soften the hard edges of a bathroom and add a colourful palette to the interior.

Now that you have these suggestions, consider the features of each of these window treatments and choose the one that’s right for your bathroom. Contact Centurian Window Fashions for a wide range of window solutions in the GTA.