7 Amazing Ideas for Eye-Catching Transom Window Coverings

The variety of shapes and sizes of windows in the modern era has challenged the standard perception of windows and use of window treatments. Among them are transom windows, i.e., the window above your door. Its name is taken from the beam that separates this window from your door. (These windows can also be found above other windows.)

Here are some simple but effective ideas for dressing your transom windows.

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Selecting Transom Window Coverings: How to Dress Them Right

A transom window is part of your home’s interior, so you will have to dress them. People often hang their window treatments from between the transom window and door or window. This is not a good look. Always mount your window treatments a little above your transom windows. Indeed, you sabotage the look of your expensive interiors by not picking the right transom window coverings.


1. Dramatic Long Drapes

Like, really long ones, all the way from where your wall meets the ceiling to puddling on the floor. Long drapes create the illusion of height and add grandeur to a room. Pick them to match the colour of your walls. Or, choose a contrasting colour to add a little drama to your interiors. You can also use sheer curtains with drapes, so when you pull the drapes for light, the sheers will keep your privacy intact.


2. Royal-Looking Valences

If long drapes are too dramatic for your taste, hang them (or curtains) just a little above the transom windows. Throw in a valance that will not only hide that odd-looking little window but act as a transom window covering. This also works well if you have an oddly-shaped transom window, like a circle or semi-circle.


3. Cascading Roman Shades

You can’t find a more gorgeous and minimalistic window covering than roman shades. They are elegant, tasteful, and modern. If you mount them at the top of your transom window, outside the window frame, this will make the transom windows look like part of the bigger windows.

When you pull up these shades, they will fold neatly and sit gracefully at the top of your transom window. And when you open them, they will cascade down, tucking them out of sight entirely.


4. Decorative London Shades

London shades are very much like roman ones; just a tad bit decorative. They are usually flat at the top with tucks creating swag at the bottom. They are ornamental and traditional. You can use them for the transom windows you don’t often use for light, or half raise them or keep them all the way down. They need attention when being opened and closed for the pleats to fall correctly; otherwise, it will just look messy.


5. Modern Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds come in both horizontal and vertical styles. They are made of stacked slats that you can tilt for both light and a view outside.

If you are looking for window treatments for transom windows over patio doors, go for vertical venetian blinds. You can just pull a cord and stack the slats on one side to open it. When you close these blinds, the window will be out of sight.

You can also use horizontal ones to have a combined window covering for your window and transom window.


6. Simple Matchstick Blinds

These blinds are made from pieces of natural materials, usually bamboo. These pieces are long and thin, resembling matchsticks, hence the name. Strings or threads are used to weave these pieces together horizontally. They allow just a little light in, enough to keep the room illuminated. They add a casual and organic look to your room.

For a simple look, mount these blinds outside the window frame from the top of the transom window. You can also add a sheer curtain to enhance the look, or a blackout drape to block the light completely.


7. Stunning but Subtle Curtains

Curtains are like drapes but softer and don’t have a formal look. They can end at the windowsill or go all the way down to the floor, barely grazing it.

If you don’t want the heavy and formal look of drapes, go for curtains instead. You can pair them with valences and sheer curtain for a varied look. Curtains usually allow a little illumination inside but can block the light as well. Hang them from the top of your transom window and trim them at the windowsill, or let them touch the floor.

Although there are many options you can try for transom window coverings, these will make them look like a part of your window. If you’re not satisfied with these options, contact us for an in-house consultation. We can suggest other ideas for transom window treatments.