7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Zebra Blinds

It can be exciting to add new shades or blinds to your home to create a new look. But with so many window treatments available, choosing the right style can get confusing. The easiest choice for your home in Toronto or Mississauga is always zebra blinds.

They are preferred because they are trendy and easy to customize. Also, they give your windows a sleek modern look. Are you leaning towards zebra blinds?  Be sure to ask yourself these questions to know you’ve made the right choice.


7 Questions to Consider When Choosing Zebra Blinds

Asking these questions will help you determine whether zebra blinds are the right choice for your property and how to pick the best ones.

1. How Much Maintenance Do They Need?

Zebra blinds offer a sheer view with a modern look – and all within your budget. They are easy to maintain, elegant, and allow you privacy and light control.

2. Should I Choose a Side Chain or Motorized Style?

Motorized Style

You should be able to maneuver your zebra blinds with ease. Side chains can be dangerous if you have pets or children. They must also be manually opened or closed. The motorized style eliminates that work, while voice control is also available. These are more expensive than the side chain version but are a cost-effective option long-term.

3. Are They Good for Big Windows?

Finding window blinds in Mississauga or Toronto for big windows can be a challenge. But zebra blinds make it easier as their maximum length and width is 10 ft. x 9 ft.

4. Can They Handle Colder Temperatures?

Layering helps zebra blinds insulate your home and reduce heat loss. This prevents heat transfer from inside to outside and keeps your home warm. Instead, air gets trapped between the layering of blinds and windows. Air, being a good insulator, prevents the heat from escaping. That makes these blinds one of the few energy-efficient window treatments.

Blinds also don’t cause condensation because they don’t produce heat or moisture. The air trapped between the blinds and windows may produce condensation, but this can be prevented by improving circulation and airflow.

5. Do They Allow Light Inside?

Yes, zebra blinds are translucent so they filter in a lot of light while filtering out UV rays. When you want light, pull up the blinds; or close them when you don’t.

6. Do They Let You Look Outside and Offer Privacy?

Yes, they do. You can roll zebra blinds up when you want an unobstructed view outside and roll them down when you want privacy. Or, you can use the sheer portions to enjoy the view outside without compromising your privacy. If you want to block light completely, align the block-out panels.

7. Can I Get Customized Blinds?

Customized Blinds

You will find many stores for blinds in both Mississauga and Toronto that can customize your zebra blinds according to your needs. You can pick the fabric, its colour, the length and width of the blind, along with manual or automatic operation. You can also choose a translucent or blackout blind, or a combination of both for different areas of your home.

What Are the Characteristics of Zebra Blinds?

  • ● Zebra blinds can be moved up and down to control light and privacy. You can determine the light coming in even when the blinds are rolled down by aligning the block-out panels with the transparent panels. This also provides complete privacy.
  • ● They have the advantages of sheer curtains, venetian blinds, and roller blinds. The sheer fabric they use gives you privacy and sun protection along with warmth and a view outdoors. You can alternate or overlap the dual-layered sheer fabrics to allow in natural light without giving up your privacy. You will find both light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics in zebra blinds.
  • ● Zebra blinds are durable. Also, they can be installed and maintained easily. If you want ease of operation, opt for motorized blinds.
  • ● The overlapping of two distinct layers of fabric in zebra blinds enhances their functionality. They not only bring comfort to the room but also give you control over light and privacy. Zebra blinds are the best insulators against cold and keep heat from escaping. Thus, they reduce your energy bills over the long run.

Zebra blinds in Toronto are increasingly popular. Just be sure to buy them from Toronto’s best blinds store! We can customize your blinds and make sure they perfectly fit your windows. Enjoy your blinds and the many advantages outlined here.