8 Amazing Ways to Give Your Sheer Curtains a New Look

Sheer curtains give any room a sense of breezy airiness and elegance. Not only do they soften a room with their floating, textural appearance but they diffuse bright light without overpowering your decor. That’s why they’re a popular choice to dress up windows and complement minimalist interior designs.


These easy-to-style and lightweight window coverings offer many experimental opportunities to create a unique look. So, if you have sheer curtains, here are a few interesting ways to update them and achieve beautiful results. 

How to Update Your Sheer Curtains: 8 Tips

Sheer curtains are stylish, versatile, and give your living space a soft look. They can also be used for decoration in many ways. Here are a few ideas to give your sheer curtains a new look. 

1) Layer Them with Thicker Window Treatments 

The classic way to use sheers is to partner them with formal window treatments like draperies and wood blinds. Not only does this change the look of a room but it adds a touch of decoration and provides privacy. Heavy draperies and blinds can be opened during the day to allow in natural light diffused through the sheers and closed at night for privacy and insulation. This layered treatment enhances both your home’s style and function. 

2) Add Vibrant Colours

Although white is the most popular shade for them, sheers come in various colours like beige, rust orange, purple, turquoise and taupe. 

To create a beautiful setup, combine multiple sheer curtain panels of various hues on one window side by side. From the rainbow look to an unconventional spectrum of your choice, you can choose any combination to add a pop of colour while creating a dreamy, elegant atmosphere. 

3) Give Them a DIY Upgrade 

Upgrading your sheer curtains doesn’t mean you have to toss out the old ones. A simple way to up your style game is to add adorable pom-poms. Mix brightly coloured pom-poms and sew them on the edges of your current curtains to keep the look breezy while enhancing their visual appeal. Choose contrasting pom-poms with sheers to make a style statement. 

4) Create a Window Scarf 

Hanging sheer curtains unconventionally is an easy way to give them a quirky look without much effort. All you need to do is create a window scarf by draping the fabric down over the curtain rod. 

However, this technique limits privacy as it doesn’t provide full coverage for your windows. So, make sure you layer them first with another treatment. 

5) Combine Them with String Lights 

Get the holiday feel with illuminated sheer curtains. This decorative hack is a perfect way to set the mood and only requires two curtain rods. Simply drape string lights on one and hang sheer curtains on the other. This creates a beautiful arrangement without having to spend a lot of money. 

6) Accessorize Them with Tiebacks, Swags and Valances

Sheer curtains dressed with tiebacks, swags and valances give unique colour and texture to your sheers while giving them a whole new look. 

While swags form a frame along the top and bottom of the window, valances conceal curtain rods and make the sheers look interesting. Just make sure these accessories complement the sheers by choosing textured valances for solid ones (and vice versa) and brightly-coloured tiebacks for white curtains. 

7) Choose Different Heading Styles 

The style of folds on the heading of your sheer curtain makes a huge difference to its appearance. For example, single pinch pleats give them a sleek look whereas grommet pleats give a flowing appearance. 

If you’re bored with your sheers’ current style, give your home a breath of fresh air by buying new ones with an updated heading style. 

8) Dip Dye Them for an Instant Facelift 

Another DIY project to update your sheers is dip dyeing. This involves, naturally, dipping the ends of the curtains into the dye. Sheer curtains are especially easy to dye and air dry, thus changing their look instantly. You can either choose to use a darker shade or give them an offbeat look with a contrast dye. 

There are plenty of ways to make the sheer curtains a dynamic feature of your home. They’re stylish, versatile, attractive and great as a decorative item if you know how to use them creatively. Try these decor hacks to spruce up your sheer curtains and give your living space an upgrade. They’re simple, quick and offer interesting results.