8 Common Problems That the Right Window Treatments Can Solve

Window treatments not only increase the functionality of your windows but act as a design element to enhance your home decor. And thanks to the numerous styles and options available, choosing ones to suit your windows shouldn’t be difficult.

Of course, not everyone is aware of their versatility and the decor problems they can solve. Not sure how the right curtains, blinds, shades and shutters can fix common household troubles? This post outlines eight issues that the right window coverings can address.

How Window Treatments Can Solve Common Decor Problems

Window coverings, as we know, are a great way to increase privacy, provide light control and add style to interior decor.


But did you know that choosing the right window treatments can solve many home design problems?

No? Read on!

Problem 1: Your Windows Are Too Small

Solution: Some windows are so small that choosing suitable window coverings becomes difficult.

Instead of overwhelming them with complicated arrangements, choose ones that can be customized to fit. Some of the best treatments for small windows are roller shades, roman shades and wood blinds.

Problem 2: The Room Gets Too Much Sun

Solution: South-facing rooms get a lot of sunlight. This can heat your home excessively and fade furniture upholstery and carpets. The problem becomes worse if your bedroom window faces the rising sun. Say goodbye to slumber!

All you need to fix this are blackout curtains. These heavy window coverings are a blessing for late risers and people who work night shifts. The fabric is foam backed and helps block more light than regular curtains to create a cozy, sleep-conducive environment.

Problem 3: The Window Is in the Corner

Solution: Awkward corner windows are a perennial design agony that are tough to dress properly.

Although tricky, there are ways to transform them into an eye-catching element of your home decor. Install separate panels or rods on each window and dress them with identical curtains, draperies or roman shades.  This arrangement looks symmetrical and allows you to open each window separately.

Problem 4: Your Neighbours Are Nosy

Solution: Whether you live in a busy neighbourhood where passers-by are constantly moving past your living room window or just have nosy neighbours, a functional window treatment provides great privacy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of elegant options that offer solitude without compromising on light or style. Cellular shades, plantation shutters and aluminium blinds stay tightly closed for privacy and light control but can be adjusted to give you the privacy you desire.

cellular shades

Problem 5: The Window Is Difficult to Access

Solution: From bay windows and skylights to transoms and casements, inaccessible windows are tough to cover. Your best bet? Choose customized window coverings like motorized shades, cordless blinds and roller shades. These simple solutions not only let you open and close window coverings easily but increase the visual appeal of your living space.

Problem 6: Your Sliding Door Lets in Too Much Sunlight

Solution: If you have a sliding door that lets in unwanted light that fades your hardwood floor and furniture upholstery, the right window treatment can solve this problem.

The utility of window treatments isn’t limited to windows. They’re also great for covering your sliding and French doors. The go-to covering for a sliding door is a vertical blind because, unlike horizontal ones, they flow from side to side. Vertical blinds feature a heavy-duty headrail system that keeps them permanently aligned, thus keeping them more organized and giving the door a uniform look.

Problem 7: The Window Is Awkwardly Designed

Solution: From arched and circular to trapezoid and octagonal, oddly-shaped windows are a challenge to cover, but the latest designs can fix this issue. Cellular shades cover arched windows, plantation shutters match trapezoid windows, horizontal blinds work with octagonal windows, and curtains in a circular hoop work best for round windows.

Problem 8: Your Windows Are Very Tall

Solution: If you have a floor-to-ceiling window that extends from wall to wall, covering it can pose a problem. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat these windows while keeping them functional and without compromising their look.

The most traditional option is drapery with valances and tiebacks for a grand effect. Operating them, however, can be a challenge. Motorized shades, therefore, are an excellent choice for these tall windows because of their ease of operation and clean, modern look. These shades come with a top-down/bottom-up feature, thus giving you precise command over moving the top and bottom shades independently to provide privacy and light control.

Window treatments are versatile additions to any home decor because they solve several problems. If you face any of the above-mentioned problems, we hope you now have the solution. Now contact a reputable window fashion store to help you with the installation and suggest ways to make the most of your window treatments.