How to Add Style to Your Kitchen Windows (9 Brilliant Ideas)

Kitchen windows can tremendously impact your overall home decor. They not only open your kitchen up by creating the illusion of space but provide ample opportunities to make a statement by adding value and function. Kitchen windows are a canvas to express your style and introduce colour, texture and character to your living space.

So why not make use of these amazing focal points? Do you want to know how? Keep reading to learn some interesting ways to give a distinct appearance to your kitchen windows with the help of DIY projects and attractive window coverings.

9 Fresh Ideas to Up Your Kitchen Window Style Game 

Whether you want your kitchen to feel casual or sophisticated, windows are a great tool to change its look. Try implementing the following ideas to easily update your kitchen space.

1) Patterned Roman Shades

Solidly coloured roman shades can look boring when used for a long time. An excellent way to upgrade their appearance without changing your existing window treatment is by adding some patterns. If you’re good at DIY, add splashes of colour to roman shades or transform them with painter’s tape, fabric paint and a few well-placed lines to create chevron patterns. This chic and updated window covering is sure to turn heads.

chevron print roman shades

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2) Multifunctional Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds complement rustic-style kitchens and add natural warmth to the space. The filtered light coming through them gives your decor a whimsical effect without losing out on privacy. They’re also inexpensive and add fabulous visual texture to your kitchen.

3) Farmhouse Shutters

When we talk about window shutters, you probably think about plantation or California shutters. But it’s time to ditch traditional shutters and embrace farmhouse charm with wooden shutters made from folding doors. You can either customize an existing wooden door to your kitchen window’s size or make it from old planks. This unusual window treatment idea is both practical and visually appealing. Here’s how to make them.

4) Wordy Plaque

Though kitchen windows covered with curtains are good for functionality, they may not be stylish. But a simple upgrade can give the space a much-needed spark. Add a plaque above your kitchen windows, in between your curtains, that’s only revealed when opened. It can be just a word like EAT, SUNSHINE, or FOOD or a one-liner like ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ depending on the plaque’s length. This quirky addition will introduce an element of fun to your kitchen and make the space more interesting.

5) Classic Café Curtains

Any discussion of kitchen window treatments is incomplete without classic café curtains. If no covering seems right for your kitchen windows, trust all-time favourite café curtains to make a stunning visual impact. They’re a perfect way to add a little style and privacy while letting in natural light. The best part is they’re available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. Choose the fabric that best suits your kitchen’s colour scheme and decor style.

6) Funky Tiebacks

One of the easiest ways to update your window coverings is to add a small yet eye-catching tieback. This requires minimal cost and effort but makes a huge design difference to your kitchen. Some offbeat tieback ideas to try are bent forks, bowties, chains, belts, coasters, rustic ropes and doorknobs. These funky additions make your kitchen curtains and drapes appear effortlessly cool and give your windows a chic look.

curtains with a tieback

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7) Attractive Valance

A valance adds charm to any kitchen without losing out on the window space and natural light. Whether it’s made with colourful fabric or rustic wood, it’s a sleek and simple way to give an instant facelift to your window coverings. Valances pair well with curtains, drapes, horizontal blinds and honeycomb shades. So, if you have any of these window coverings in your kitchen, a valance will add style to the room’s windows.

8) Graffiti Curtains

Give an unconventional look to a conventional white curtain with spray paint. First, apply a few pieces of painter’s tape inches from the bottom of your curtain. Then, hang it on a vertical surface with a protective plastic behind and put your art skills to the test by spray-painting the curtains in your favourite colour. Use a stencil to paint either a pattern or motif. Now remove the tape and your graffiti-style curtain is ready to accentuate your kitchen windows.

9) Criss-Cross Sheers

Many homeowners prefer hanging sheer curtains in their neutral-style kitchens as they’re simple and allow sunlight through, thus making the space appear brighter.

But sheers aren’t a good choice to experiment with as they have an elegant look and giving them a quirky update might not go well.

Therefore, to transform sheer curtains, change its arrangement to a criss-cross design. This will truly liven up your kitchen.

Kitchen windows aren’t merely to let in sunlight. They can be a great decor element with a few simple upgrades to their coverings. Whether you transform your curtains with a small tieback or DIY wood shutters, there are several ways to spice up an otherwise boring kitchen window treatment. Try the ideas mentioned above and don’t forget to share the experience with us by contacting our window fashion experts at 416-489-9990.