9 Good Reasons to Invest in Custom Home Window Treatments

Window Treatments

From flipping through interior design magazines to browsing similarly-themed websites, you do everything to ensure that your home reflects your unique sense of style and design. When it comes to window coverings, it only makes sense to carefully consider the benefits of choosing custom-made ones over store-bought. We can give you nine good reasons to invest in custom window treatments.

Why Choose Custom Window Treatments Over Readymade Ones?

When choosing new window coverings, you might wonder what the differences are between readymade treatments and custom-made ones. Are custom draperies more expensive? If so, are they worth the extra money? Here, the experts at Centurian Window Fashions explain why custom drapery, shades and blinds are best.

  1. Precise Window Measurements 

Window treatments come in a range of types and sizes. From readymade pleated blinds to roller shades and sheer curtains, there’s something for every need, style and budget. Since not all window coverings are the same, readymade options won’t always meet your needs. The window coverings found in most home improvement and big department stores are made to fit a limited range of standard window sizes. This often leads to ill-fitting coverings that don’t give your interiors the desired look or control over how much light gets in. With custom treatments, experienced specialists measure your windows and make coverings to exactly fit.

  1. Array of Colours and Fabrics 

Aside from limited sizes, readymade window coverings come in limited colours and fabrics. For example, do you love the look of wooden blinds? Then you won’t have many materials or colours to choose from and might end up choosing whatever’s in stock and then modifying them according to your style or preferences. This could result in damage.

If you prefer a certain curtain fabric and pattern, it will likely be difficult to find in the readymade section of a home improvement store. When you choose customization, window treatment professionals make your drapes using the fabric, colour and pattern you select to match your unique style.

  1. Perfect Interior Decor Coordination

When buying readymade window coverings online, or from a home improvement store, you run the risk of purchasing products that don’t match the rest of your home decor. Sometimes, photos online or, because of lighting, the in-store product don’t exactly match the colour of the product you want. This can result in regret and disappointment, not to mention wasted time and money.

When you choose custom window coverings, you have a range of colours, fabrics and designs, instead of being limited to a few options. This is extremely helpful when you’re trying to coordinate your window treatments with other elements in the room.

  1. Quality Craftsmanship 

The saying “you get what you paid for” applies to window treatments. The inexpensive ones are made using low-quality materials that are neither durable nor functional. For example, the slats of store-bought blinds often break and lose their ability to block light, which leads to expensive repairs and replacements. Although custom window treatments cost more, you’re guaranteed to get high quality materials and workmanship which means you won’t have to fix or replace them. Custom curtains and draperies use quality linings and UV inhibitors, which mean the seams will be tight, straight and without frays. You can also rest assured knowing that your custom window treatments are made using the latest manufacturing techniques to provide safe and simple operation for many years to come.

  1. Custom Details

Aside from fabric, design and colour, customization allows you to add details and accessories to your window coverings. For example, you may want specific hardware or tiebacks for your curtains or a custom trim for your draperies. With readymade window coverings, your options are limited. When you opt for customization, you can discuss the kind of hardware or details you want for your window treatments with your design consultant. When you visit drapery stores, ask them about their policy on adding or altering orders once they’re placed.

  1. More Energy Efficiency

You lose almost 30% of your home’s heating energy through your windows, and nearly 76% of the sunlight that comes through your windows turns into heat. The right choice and use of window treatments can reduce that energy loss, keep your home comfortable, and save on energy bills. The amount you save depends on the quality and efficiency of your window treatments. Readymade blinds or curtains come in standard sizes, which make them a bad fit for oddly-sized windows. This also makes them less energy efficient and spikes up your energy bills. Precision-made custom treatments, on the contrary, fit better and help with energy efficiency.

  1. Expert Product Knowledge 

Choosing custom window treatments gives you much more than just a product. Working with a window covering professional gives you access to their extensive knowledge and expertise. Aside from taking exact measurements, they help you choose window coverings that will make your room look spacious, limit or maximize light exposure, and reduce your energy expenses. When you choose off the rack, you’re buying a product you don’t have much knowledge about, including its best use, or even if it’s the right choice for your home.

  1. One-of-a-Kind Look

One of the most common reasons to choose custom window treatments is to make your home look unique. Having custom-made window treatments and furnishings means you won’t find them anywhere else. Window covering designers help translate your distinctive style and design into reality by using your preferred fabric, colour and pattern.

  1. Professional installation 

One key benefit of choosing custom window treatments is the professional installation that comes along with it. Unlike store-bought treatments, where you have to depend on your own installation skills, you can expect a clean, professional installation with the utmost care in safety and efficiency. What’s more, when a specialist installs your window coverings, they are liable for any damage or mistake made during the installation.

As you can see, there are many sensible reasons to invest in custom window treatments. From endless design and fabric possibilities to excellent workmanship,  custom window treatments have many benefits. While you pay more upfront, the investment will be worth it. Owing to their high quality and great performance, you save both time and money while adding beauty and value to your home.