9 Tips to Getting Custom Drapery on a Budget

With hundreds of fabric types, styles, and colours to pick from, custom drapery is timeless and limitless. And with some simple window treatment styling tips, you can achieve exactly the kind of look you want.

But they are more expensive than other window treatment options. So, here we present a few tricks to getting custom drapery on a budget.


How to Get Customized Draperies on a Budget

Custom draperies have many advantages. One is to manipulate your settings to get that customized look within your budget.


1. The Measurement Trick

Measure your windows perfectly before picking your draperies’ fabric, colour, and style. Imagine your desired look, from what height you want them to hang, and measure the length so the draperies at least touch the floor, if not puddle.

2. Exaggerate Small Windows

Maximizing small windows makes a room look fuller. Install the drapery from the ceiling or crown to the floor. You can also add to its width by installing wall-to-wall drapery rods.

3. Double the Rods

Blending blackout and sheer curtains maximizes your control over light and privacy, and the layered look adds glamour to the room. Double rods allow you to use a combination of different types of draperies, one in front of another, and the operation is neat and easy. Remember to put your decorative custom drapery out front and the functional one in back.

4. Double the Drapes

Full windows signify luxury, so double your stack of drapery for each window. This means where you can make do with two panels, get four; or six instead of three. This is an extremely effortless way to create a full, luxurious look without overspending.

5. Decorate on Your Own

The most attractive thing about draperies (especially custom ones) is their attention-grabbing trimmings and decor. You can find intricate designs in many window fashion stores, but they will cost you.

You can replicate this look, or create a personalized one, by purchasing the unembellished panels and attaching the decor and trimmings yourself. You can make the trimmings at home or buy them separately to match your interiors and attach them by sewing or with hot glue.

6. Get Your Own Fabric

Ever thought about making your own draperies? Choose your own high-quality fabric from a reliable vendor and use a sample to be sure the texture and colour are right.

7. Go All Out on Hardware

Hardware is crucial for the look of your custom drapery, so don’t scrimp. Get rods that conceal screws and other working components. Make sure their thickness is in scale with the dimensions of your room, including ceiling height. You can get a little intricate and complicated with your hardware here.

8. Keep in Mind the Return

Drapery returns are extra pieces of fabric that slide through that little curve in the rod and meet the wall. It not only gives a complete and luxurious look but also blocks unwanted light coming through the side of the window. You can get away with a makeshift return, but it will compromise the look of your custom drapery.

9. Opt For a Header

If you don’t have the budget for the best hardware, go for a header made from drywall or painted plywood. Once the header is in place, add the drapery track up and inside. It will be easy to slide your custom drapery, which will be on display while its track is safely tucked out of sight.


Perfecting the Look

Perfection requires attention to detail. In terms of window treatments, this means how you want them to break or the look you want to create. For example, if you have kids or shedding animals at home, avoid the puddled look because it will be harder to keep clean and could be unsafe.

Tie-backs capitalize on the view and keep the panel safely in place. But make sure you have something to tie them back on.

While picking the drapery, try to go for gender-neutral looks and colours. If you want a little drama but hate prints, go for subtle graphic impacts.

You will also have to consider how your custom draperies look from outside so pick something appropriate. White liners are the safest option, but it’s your home so go crazy if you want.

As mentioned, custom drapery offers endless options. That’s why it’s advisable to work with a professional designer to get the look you want within the budget you have. They can answer your questions about different materials (like which filter light best) and styles. They will also help you to figure out if your idea will complement your decor. An in-home consultation will give the designer a glimpse inside your home, let them better understand your goals and preferences, and give you the best advice.