Advantages of Curtains

Curtains are probably the most popular and common of all window coverings and this is not without reason. These coverings come in a plethora of textures, fabrics, designs and patterns to meet every kind of aesthetic requirement. Though there are many options like blinds, shades, shutters, etc. for window coverings, curtains are much preferred and are an integral part of every home with some or the window getting dressed with these. If you are planning to install new coverings then check out the advantages we list out below before you make up your mind.

Advantages of Curtains

Energy efficiency

Curtains are very good in keeping the harsh sunlight out of your home. This helps to maintain cool interiors as well protect furniture, flooring, artifacts, accessories, etc. In winters they help retain the warmth of a room making the interiors comfortable. This makes curtains an energy efficient option that leads to considerable savings in energy costs.

  • Light Control

Curtains help in easy management of natural light coming into the house. The choice of fabric and texture of curtains is also an important determinant in controlling the light that comes into your home. You can avoid bright glaring external lights and let mellow lights create their magic with the right kind of curtains.

  • Manage Privacy

Curtains are ideal to manage and maintain privacy in your home and restrict prying glares. Privacy is specially needed in areas like the living room, bedroom and study. You draw the curtains to create that ambience without curious glances of outsiders. This is true especially if you are a resident of a high rise apartment, where you have other occupied buildings at close quarters.

  • Security

Curtains also add to the security of a home by preventing external sources from peeping into personal spaces. Electric or motorized curtains are easy to handle and have pre-set timers that are drawn in at a specified hour giving the impression of people being indoors even if they are not.

  • Flexibility and Customizable

Curtains are one of the most flexible window coverings. This is because of the wide choice that they offer. You can choose from an extensive range of colors, fabrics, patterns, etc. to match different rooms. You can also have layered curtains, with one being thick and the other being sheer or semi sheer. They add immense class and sophistication to a space. They are also highly customizable. You can get exact size and shape depending upon requirement. Also they can be used for every and any kind of window unlike other window coverings that cannot be installed indiscriminately.

  • Affordable and Durable

Curtains come in a wide range of prices depending upon what you choose for your home. There are options to suit every pocket and budget. Another advantage of this is that since they are affordable you can change them often and go for new looks for your home without much financial impact. Curtains these days are of superior quality and last really long if well taken care of in the right manner.