How to Beat the Winter with Effective Window Treatments

Winter is the time when your energy bills are at their highest. There are a few tricks every homeowner must have up their sleeves, to bring down these bills.

Easy to use, these are affordable techniques that do not even come to much of a hassle.

Windows and Heat Loss

Any average home loses 10-20% of its heat via windows. The heat loss is determined, owing to the gravitation of hot air towards cold glass. Conservatories are particularly vulnerable to this problem and they can turn your rooms noticeably cold if proper insulation is absent. Windows with decent dressings can act as better insulation against heat loss.

Use Blinds to Keep in the Heat

Blinds are dual advantage products. They provide warmth in winter and cold in summer. Every homeowner who has ever invested in blinds noticed a significant amount of reduction in energy bills. Blinds adhere to the demands of the increasing environmental consciousness.

Style and Material

Blinds come with insulative properties, together with a huge range of colors, styles and patterns that a homeowner can choose from. If your choice is of a Roman or Roller blind, ensure the material is of good quality and is tightly woven. Solid wooden shutters and blinds are often the best at retaining warmth, as natural wood happens to be a fantastic insulator with timeless elegance. Slatted blinds grant users great control over the heat and light leaving and entering your homes. These can be opened, closed or even parted in between.

Ensure a Cozy Fit

If you wish your blinds to gift you the proper amount of heat, you must ensure they are fit correctly. The blinds must sit as close to the windows as possible while also overlapping them. There must be no gaps that allow the heat to escape, thereby reducing their effectiveness.

Keep the Conservatory in Mind

No matter how much you try to put the heat up your house, the conservatory always happens to be a problem. If your house holds a large conservatory, it is best to have it well-fitted with blinds of the appropriate measure. Fitting blinds to the conservatory helps trap heat, and thereby adjust the temperature of your home. Heat can also escape through the roof of the conservatory, and this too has to be kept in mind. Roof blinds can be your best solution in such an instance.

Usage of the Blinds

Blinds are at their useful best, when homeowners know exactly what it is that they are looking to achieve with these blinds. If you are looking for heat in winter, open them when the sun is up and close them as soon as the sun is down, ensuring the heat stays trapped in the room. Warmth and coziness can be achieved, in this way.

Winter is the time for holidays and celebrations; the time you will want to spend with your family. Definitely, you will not want more of your money going into energy bills than into Christmas party preparations, would you?