Which Window Coverings Are Best for French Doors? (Top 6)

French doors are an elegant home feature that allows access to outdoor areas from the living room, bedroom, kitchen or other adjoining spaces. They add a level of sophistication, with built-in glass panes that can make closed-off spaces appear bright and airy.

As is the case with all windows, of course, homeowners may worry about natural light, privacy and glare. This is where window treatments for your French doors come in.

Choosing a window covering comes down to your preferences. To make the task easier, we’ve compiled this guide to suitable options.

6 Best Window Treatment Options for French Doors

Discover window covering options for your French doors.

1. Roman Shades

If you want window treatments to emphasize the design of your French doors, roman shades are best. They can be found in a range of textures, colours and trims to ensure customization of the overall design of any room.
They give homeowners the ability to let in natural light. They also don’t interfere with the operation of the door handle which is an important factor to consider when purchasing French door window treatments.
Roman shades are easy to maintain and cost effective, making them an effective way to update your window treatment and add much-needed visual refreshment to your home.

2. Sheer Curtains

If you are working with a room that already has a few patterned elements, block-coloured sheer curtains can provide some visual relief. They are a timeless addition that works in both traditional and modern settings. Since the material is lightweight and thin, they let in filtered light to illuminate your home while offering privacy.
If you want to let in more natural light, you can draw the curtains open. Then gather them on the corners by tying a thin piece of fabric or ribbon in the middle to create an hourglass shape.
Sheer curtains can either be installed on their own or paired with other window treatments to create a unique look.

3. Cellular Shades

These window treatments easily fit within your French doors’ dimensions without compromising the functionality of their handles. They are available in both light-filtering and thicker fabrics to suit your requirements. Their honeycomb design offers insulation to help you save on your utility bills. A wide range of lift styles, fabrics, textures and colours make it easy to find the perfect choice for your home.

4. Pooled Curtains

If you are neither willing to go for light and flowy sheer curtains nor heavy drapes, pool curtains might meet your expectations. You can hang them on decorative rods to create a luxe feel.
Pooled curtains can be drawn closed when doors are not in use, and bundled to the side when they are. To create a plush feel, choose curtains that are long enough to slightly puddle on both sides of your French doors.

5. Woven Wood Shades

If you’re searching for window treatments that offer an earthy feeling, choose woven wood shades for their natural and seamless appearance. Since they’re made using natural materials, such as woods, reeds and grasses, they’re a non-hazardous and sustainable element to add to your French doors. ‘
They are available in numerous textures and colours to ensure your French doors look stylish while adding organic appeal, character and depth to draw guests’ attention.
Woven wooden shades also offer great control over privacy and light. In fact, you can choose an additional liner for better insulation and light control, with the weaves filtering out natural light even on the brightest days.
A range of innovative motorized systems allow you the ease of controlling them with the touch of a button.

6. Aluminum Blinds

Also referred to as mini blinds, these window treatments are flexible and durable, making them perfect for high-traffic areas.
They come with a shallow headrail that doesn’t stick out of the French doors or result in obstructions of any sort.
They can be tilted to be opened and closed, offering complete control over privacy and natural light.
If you’re concerned about the metal clanging against the door, consider installing hold-down brackets.

Combine Window Treatments

Pro Tip: You can combine window treatments mentioned here to customize the appearance of your French doors and ensure they fit your specific needs perfectly. Tap into your creative side and think about combinations that work together while still being functional.

When it comes to choosing window treatments for your French doors, the possibilities are endless. Our suggestions offer practical and beautiful solutions so you can find something within your budget and preferences – and still make it feel like home. Consider whether sheer curtains, roman shades or another option mentioned here is the perfect fit, or combine them to create a unique look. Remember, it’s up to you to choose something that looks great while also being functional.