Best Window Curtains for Your Kitchen in Mississauga/Vaughan

Window Curtains for Your Kitchen
When designing their kitchens, homeowners usually emphasize the kinds of furniture and appliances they think may fit the space. Perhaps not surprisingly, they pay less attention to the most appropriate curtains, although this can have a big impact on the room’s decor.
Knowing the different types of window curtains will help you to make an informed decision when designing or remodelling the kitchen of your Mississauga or Vaughan home.
Centurian Window Fashions is the leading window coverings company in the GTA. We have a huge collection of window curtains, blinds, draperies, shades, and shutters. In this post we explore the top kitchen curtains so you can decorate your home the way you want.
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Top Kitchen Window Curtains in Mississauga/ Vaughan

Custom kitchen window curtains can create a huge impact on your Mississauga/Vaughan home. Opt for ones that are functional and match your decor and style preference. Here are the different types of window curtains that are suitable for this space.

Café Curtains

Café curtains are one of the popular styles of kitchen window curtains. They are usually made from fabrics such as sheer, polyester, or linen. They have exclusive pleats at the top and may be hung from rings, with the rods being placed halfway down the windows. In this way, they cover the lower portion of the window. This style was highly inspired by the way roadside cafeterias in the past used to cover up their windows. Below are the different types of café curtains:
● Half-Window Café Curtains
These café curtains cover the bottom half of your kitchen window and are available in diverse designs and colours. They allow in natural light to make your kitchen space look beautiful. They are available at competitive prices and are easy to install. The disadvantage of this curtain type is that they do not provide much privacy. However, this can be resolved if you have a high-quality matching valance.
● Full-Window Café Curtains
These café curtains are usually 45 inches long and cover up the entire window to offer maximum privacy. They are generally installed at the top of the window or close to it.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains
These window curtains are made from fine, lightweight materials. They are transparent enough to allow light inside the kitchen while offering some privacy as well. Their fine fabrics in soft colours add a touch of elegance to the room.
Their key advantage is that they can be easily installed on any type of window. The disadvantage is that they are poor insulators. Therefore, your kitchen can become hot in summer and somewhat cold in winter.

Window Valances

These pieces of cloth cover the top portion of your kitchen window; like the opposite of half-window café curtains. They are mostly hung in kitchens with limited floor space.
● Swag Valances
As the term suggests, these are highly sophisticated and have a lot of visual appeal. They hang from the top of the window with their tails falling down from both sides. This type of valance has a more ornate look than other types.
● Balloon Valances
Also called pouf or cloud valances, this kind has a unique balloon-type design. This is created by using double layers of fabric and then running them on the top hem. They pair well with café curtains to offer optimum privacy. They also give your kitchen a lively and elegant appearance.
● Box Pleats Valance
These coverings have a bottom with a straight edge and their width is divided into exclusive pleated sections called boxes. They are spaced out to give your curtain a stylish appearance.

Floor-Length Window Curtain Panels

These panels are available in diverse colours, designs, and fabrics. Their length usually ranges between 63 and 144 inches. They are suitable for big and busy kitchens.
In order to get the proper length, you need to measure the floor to its top where you can install the window curtain rod. You may also include additional inches to this measurement for ‘puddling’. (This is the style of leaving some fabric to fall on the floor for a more stylish look.) These curtain panels offer maximum privacy, fully insulate you from adverse weather conditions, and give your kitchen space a beautiful look.

Now you know about the different types of window curtains that are perfect for your kitchen in Mississauga/Vaughan. From café curtains to valances, choose a style that suits your preferences, budget, and kitchen decor. Still not sure what type of curtains will go best with your space? Book a free consultation with our professionals to get more information on window coverings.