What Are the Best Window Treatments for Preschools? (8 Ideas)

A preschool is like a second home for toddlers. So it makes sense to have window treatments that help create a comfortable and snug environment, thus encouraging children to enjoy their stay.

But, are the ones you’re currently using safe? Window treatments with cords pose a potential strangulation hazard to young children. That’s why safety is a major concern to consider before picking them out.


In this post, our experts will point out which are safest, the most functional and even fun.

Kid-Friendly Preschool Window Treatments

Our guide outlines which window treatments are the safest for preschools.

  1. Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

Cellular (or honeycomb) shades don’t come with external cords. They’re made using multiple layers of fabric, making the internal cords inaccessible and ensuring children are safe around them. They also offer privacy while allowing daylight into the room.

Their honeycomb design provides great insulation to create a comfortable environment. They can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom, offering full control of light entering the room.

Honeycomb shades are available in a wide range of colours, designs and levels of opacity, and can be combined with window-length curtains to customize light levels.

  1. Roller Blinds

roller blinds

Owing to the rolling mechanism located at the top of the shades, these window treatments don’t need any cords to raise or lower them.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a reverse and standard roll headrail. These blinds eliminate the possibility of children becoming entangled in cords and are easy to maintain. (All you need is a damp cloth to get rid of dirt or grime.) They come in a range of prints and colours so you can choose something that’s fun to look at.

Roller blinds also offer a great way to manage both light and heat, creating a comfortable environment for the little ones.

  1. Mini Blinds

Cordless mini blinds are popular window treatments in educational facilities, including preschools. You can choose from one-inch aluminum slats or two-inch vinyl slats. They’re easy to operate and offer great lighting adjustment when the slats are tilted (up to allow in more light; down to direct it toward the floor).

The cordless varieties are perfect for rooms used by children. Additionally, you can have a clutch tilter installed to prevent the slats from breaking from over-tilting.

  1. Valances

Valances are a great preschool option as they’re hung high on windows, well out of children’s reach. They’re ideal for softening the intensity of the mid-afternoon sunlight at naptime, while letting in plenty of light when wanted. They enhance the appearance of windows but don’t work very well in terms of light control and privacy. That’s why it’s best to pair them with blinds or shades.

  1. Tie-Up Curtains

This is another great alternative for preschools as the curtains can be tied-up and out of reach of children. They can be adjusted to cover as much of the window area as needed and come in a range of heavyweight fabrics to block out light and heat. They’re generally available with specialized curtain rods designed to support the weight of heavy fabrics, making them ideal to use around children.

  1. Roman Shades 

Roman shades  offer comfort and warmth. They’re available cordless and in a style that doesn’t have visible cords on the front, making them a safe option. They can be adjusted to control privacy and light and raised or lowered to suit your preference. Cords are tightly secured to the window treatment fabric, ensuring no loops are created, making them one of the safest options available.

These coverings have a tailored appearance and are available in a variety of fabrics with colourful and fun patterns.

Additionally, they’re generally lined on the back to prevent heat from escaping in winter and reflect sunlight to keep rooms cool in summer. They help lower energy usage, making them an efficient option for preschools.

  1. Wood Shutters

Wood shutters create stylish interiors and don’t need cords to be operated, making them suitable for preschools.

If you’re looking for a classic treatment that never goes out of style and offers additional security for children, wood shutters are the way to go. They can also be customized in varying wood stains to match interiors.

  1. Solar Shades

Solar shades can reduce sunlight while preserving the outdoor view, offering an open and airy feeling. They help little ones stay in touch with nature while indoors and ensure they’re protected from adverse weather.

Solar shades can be customized in a wide variety of colours, patterns and shades, transforming the overall appearance of the room.

When picking out window treatments for preschools, it’s smart to invest in high-quality and durable blinds and shades. The right choice reduces energy costs and creates a comfortable, distraction-free environment that encourages kids to learn. So, make sure you do proper research before choosing one.