Joanne Fabrics

Fabrics that impart excellence to window treatments

Joanne Fabrics

Joanne Fabrics is a veteran in producing eco-friendly and innovative products. It entered Canada’s upholstery fabric market in 1977 as a distributor. Since then, the company’s products have been a staple of the window coverings industry.

Centurian provides bold and muted shades in both plain and decorative fabrics from this brand. With a mission to satisfy every customer, they offer numerous options for traditional, country-style, rustic and modern homes.

Branded fabrics are expensive, so if you want to invest in them for an elaborate window treatment project, you must be sure of what to buy. Our in-store experts know the different qualities of branded fabrics and their appropriate applications so you can make the best home decor decisions. We do our best so you can buy the best fabrics for your budget.

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