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Centurian brings amazing collections of vertical blinds from Maxxmar

Maxx Value PVC

Centurian Window Fashions brings to you the timeless vertical blinds from Maxxmar. These products immediately attract attention with their style statement.

Vertical blinds are ideal coverings for wide windows, sloping windows and sliding doors. Besides being easy to clean and maintain, these blinds come in a wide variety of colours and materials so you get plenty of options to choose from. Slats usually come in 127mm, 89mm and 63mm widths. Room-darkening materials are also available in vertical blinds.

When it comes to selecting blinds that fit your budget, go for something durable and compatible with your home décor. Experts at Centurian showrooms can help you purchase the right kind of blinds without having you spend more than your estimate. Call 416-998-9993 to book an appointment.

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Maxx Value PVC

Maxx Value PVC
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