Why California Shutters are a Superb Choice for Canadian Homes

Were you of the view that California shutters were invented and widely distributed in California? Actually not But their extensive usage in California has helped them earn this nickname. These windows are floor to ceiling versions of regular size fixtures, allowing in enough sunlight and breeze to keep your room aesthetically pleasing.

Why Are They Called Plantation Shutters?

If you looked at the images of the colonial buildings in the recent past, mystery behind the name would be automatically solved. Preferred mostly for plantations of the new world, these are popular in South Africa, Africa as well as Australia. These shutters have been around a long time and ever since remained a true classic. Even today there is something about a house with shutters that makes it soulful.

Why They are so Popular?

Plantation/California Shutters are typically stable yet solid wood coverings for your windows and are sometimes inserted with louvers. These are great for fighting dust devils in areas that have strong winds, starting with desert climates to beach front properties. Windows with these shutters project a functional and beautiful look. These also happen to be the most ideal material for absorbing debris shock and thereby shielding the glass panes. These are made in a way which allows ventilation and light only and extrude everything else.

Why Should You Choose California Shutters

california shutters

Plantation Shutters not only help increase the value of a property, but they can also be simple and long-lasting. Available in shades of coated as well as tarnished wood there is a huge range of styles to choose from. Just like every other little thing, these shutters grow old after a while. They are unique though in a way, as even after two decades they can just be repainted and made to look just as good as new. A little fixing can take them another long way ahead.

Here are some other reasons why they are a great option for homes.

1. They Offer Privacy

California shutters have slats that can be operated and adjusted easily, offering complete control over your room’s privacy. You can keep them closed if you don’t want people looking in or angle them open to let in sunlight and air.

2. They’re Energy-Efficient

California shutters are an energy-efficient window treatment for homeowners looking to save money in an eco-friendly way. Since they’re installed right up against the window frame, they prevent indoor air from escaping outside and outside air from entering. In this way, they prevent energy loss when using air conditioning in summer or heat in winter. The result is reduced energy bills.

3. They Control Light

California shutters have louvres that make it easy to control light levels by adjusting them up or down to let in the desired amount of light. Additionally, you can focus the light away from areas like furniture, carpets and flooring to keep them safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

4. They Increase Child and Pet Safety

Every parent and pet owner wants to keep their charges safe while they aren’t home or in the same room. Window treatments with cords pose a risk to both animals and kids as they can hang at low levels for easy access. This can create a choking hazard if anyone gets tangled in them. With California shutters, there’s no need to worry about dangling cords as slats are operated using levers attached to the window shutters.

5. They’re Timeless

California shutters never go out of style. Furthermore, their design allows them to fit in well with homes of any decor type, from traditional and rustic to minimal and contemporary. Since these window treatments are also visible from outside, they can improve your home’s curb appeal too.

6. They Offer Comfort

Custom-made plantation shutters are made to measure, meaning they fit snugly on your window frame. This reduces the need for additional supporting hardware such as valances, drawstrings or curtain rods to cover up empty wall space. These window treatments also offer complete control over how much light enters your home and direct sunlight where you want it. Moreover, the thickness of the slats offers optimal privacy. All of these advantages make custom plantation shutters one of the most comfortable options.

Owning California Shutters as your window curtains is usually a cost-effective option in Toronto as well as neighbouring areas. These shutters keep the temperature out during summer and they help fight cold in winters. What more? Cleaning these shutters isn’t troubling at all.
While we are mostly catering to a Toronto-based audience in here, we would just like to mention, given the climate in Canada, these blinds just work like magic. They protect you against the hardest blows of staunch heat or sinewy cold. Install them today to feel the difference.