California Shutters : All You Need To Know About Them

ShutterThe purchase of California shutters can turn out to be really overwhelming for people. Numerous specifications lead to heap load of work and confusion. Evidently they end up buying something which they have no idea of, or are of no use to them. It thus becomes mandatory to have sufficient amount of research backed up in your mind before you go on your California Shutter shopping spree. However let me warn you, the research alone can be very confusing and you will end up being more confused, devoid of any first-hand research.

The origin

Before we get to the history of such shutters it is important to understand the basic difference between the layouts to shutter’s today and the traditional shutters. The traditional shutters are smaller, have narrower angles and are most commonly found in homes which have their origin in the Northern region of the country. As we head down further South the architectural style shifts. This is because their counterparts were first introduced by foreigners who had lived on large California farms then. It is from here that the shutter derived its name. Traditionally these shutters are meant to have wider louvers, though manufacturers today make them in varying shapes and styles.

Shopping tips

So here we bring to you a basic guide on buying California shutters:-

  1. The louvers to California shutters greatly vary in size. One can get them for as small as 1-7/8 inch or it can even be big enough as 5-1/2 inch. The ideal choice for homeowners though usually is to go with the mid-range. Louvers of 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 are best suited for any household.  For any standard sized window, the 3-1/2 inch louver turns to be the most suitable one. The size of louvers will vary greatly according to size of windows. If you have a really large window at home try installing the large louvers while the smaller ones are great for the tiny windows.
  2. The louvers to these shutters are usually elliptical or flat in shape. Flat louvers will eventually sag, leading to distortion. The elliptical louvers however usually do not sag.
  3. The main function of shutters is to control the amount of light that flows into your room. To allow the louvers to function at their best, they need to remain at their exact positions. Tightening or loosening a screw can sometimes lead to release of such tension and help the louvers perform better.
  4. From time to time there crops up many different patterns of California shutters, which however go out of fashion after a few days and thereby, get extinct. It is always better to not choose such a shutter and go for the basic designs. You will always have help for these shutters at bay.

When shopping for California shutters, be sure to think of exactly how you want the divider rail to be designed. If they do not fall according to your preferences you can always have them customised to meet your needs.

The California Shutters also make your room look bigger

The California shutters can also makes a small room look real bright and bigger. The simple design of these shutters work with the perception of a person’s mind, giving him an illusion that the room is bigger than it looks. Unlike windows or other window coverings these shutters sit flush with the window, giving it a space of its own. To add to this, having the same coloured shutters in the room is perceived as seemingly less cluttered and free flowing. It further also gives you a classic seamless look. California Shutters are real neat and tidy coverings which allow a person to personalise a room. They are also very accommodating to any changes that you wish to do with the decor.

In short they are the perfect companion to your windows.