Can You Keep Your Toronto Home Warm With Zebra Blinds?

Canadian winters can be harsh and cruel. That’s why most of us prefer to stay inside! While your furnace will keep your home comfortably warm, your windows must also be sufficiently insulated to keep cold air out and warmth in.

So, dressing your windows with the right treatments is vital to combating winter. They help keep your home comfortable and reduce your heating bills significantly.


Are Zebra Blinds a Good Option for Winter Protection?

Are Zebra Blinds a Good Option for Winter Protection?

Zebra blinds reduce heat loss and insulate by trapping air in their layers to prevent cold from entering and warm air escaping. You can buy these blinds online but there could be issues with fitting. It’s best to have them made to fit your windows, with no vacant space or gap where air can get out.

You can pair the blind with other window coverings for better insulation. Drapes and curtains are the best options when it comes to pairing with zebra blinds. They are considered classy and traditional. Drapes are heavy and can contain the temperature efficiently while some curtains also come with insulating properties, making them energy efficient.

Don’t pick lightweight and lacy sheer curtains. Instead go for heavy, tightly-woven fabrics like suede, tweed, velvet, and the like. They will prevent the cold from entering your home.

If you are picking a curtain, make sure it is insulated. Insulated curtains are made of four layers with a high-density foam core layer that stops cold air from invading your home and warm air from escaping. You can also pick layered curtains for better insulation or one with thick thermal lining.

Mount the curtains closer to the ceiling and keep the length all the way down to the floor. Make sure they are wide enough to cover the entire width of the window with a little curtain fabric to spare.


What Other Window Coverings Can You Use?

Apart from the zebra blinds, here are some other window coverings you can use to keep your home warmer and your windows winter-ready.

1. Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular honeycomb shades are ideal for chilly Canadian winters. Their fabricated pockets trap air, thus providing a layer of insulation to windows and reducing radiant heat loss. These shades increase the heat resistance value of the window by 7 from 3.5. You can pick from single, double, or triple cell shades. The later two offer greater insulation.

2. Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most versatile window coverings. They are dual-sided: one is reflective; the other, designed to absorb heat. You can reverse them according to the weather, and, remember, the reflective side should always face the warmest side of your home. In summers, keep the reflective side facing outwards; in winters, keep it facing inwards. The other side is designed to absorb heat.

3. Shutters

Like zebra blinds, shutters are also made to fit. They are installed inside the window frame.  Their snug fit seals the window on all sides, preventing the cold from entering and warm air from escaping. You can also pair them with drapes and curtains for better insulation.

4. Sunup and Sundown Shades

Also known as day and night cellular shades, they are also an excellent option for insulation. They also provide a different ambience in both day and night. They are made of two different fabrics; a blackout shade and a light-filtering shade mixed in one. You can switch between them as per your desire.

Along with insulation, they also provide privacy and superior control over light. Also, you can get them customized according to your needs and interior design.

5. Roman Shades

Roman shades offer both aesthetic appeal and insulation. The thick material they are made from prevents the transfer of air, and their sealed edges keep out the cold. For extra protection, use shades with thermal backing to create a soft and comfortable feel in your home. They will keep the temperature at the desired level.

So, now you have all the tricks to keep your home warm. However, if you buy blinds in Mississauga, make sure you contact the store specialist to help them understand your requirements. They can help you make an informed decision.