How to Easily Choose Between Dark and Light Draperies for Windows

dark and light draperies
The colours used for your interior décor influences the temperature and light you get inside your home. Dark and light colours have their own set of advantages and drawbacks. From the colour of the wall paper or paint, to furniture upholstery and window coverings- the choice between light and dark plays an important role. There are numerous factors that you will have to keep in mind while choosing the colour of your drapery. Toronto has numerous leading stores which give you a wide variety of choices Read more [...]

Find Out the Latest Drapery Trends of 2018

If you easily can add some jazz to your home windows by adopting the latest styles, then what are you waiting for? In today’s blog post, we’ll be going over some of the drapery trends set to shape 2018. Bright colours, bold designs, antique prints, contrast patterns and wrapped up draperies are all in this year. As your home takes after you, you’ll have to choose wisely if you want to woo visitors with your amazing taste and style. To find out what’s taking the interior industry by storm, Read more [...]

Modern Curtain Ideas to Adorn Glass Sliding Doors

Modern architecture is all about the outside view, as it is about the gorgeous interiors. With endless sounds and sights of this world quickly becoming an integral part of villas and residences across the globe, the usage of glass is definitely on the rise. Stone and glass are being extravagantly used to bring in an exquisite and classy feel. Sliding glass doors have thus become an important part of numerous ultra-stylish designs, as they manage to blur the borders while keeping us visually connected Read more [...]

The Drapery ‘Lingo’ Revealed – Drapery Hardware 101

Finding the right kind of window treatments is as important as finding how functional they can be. Complete knowledge about hardware options is essentially important to make your windows look chic and classy. Whether exposed or hidden, drapery hardware can be one major design factor while pulling off the ultimate décor statement. A few jargons here and there, a few terms to learn and you will be able decipher what experts of the industry mean to say. Center Support Functional support is more Read more [...]