6 Things to Consider Before You Buy Window Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades are the most popular forms of window treatments. Their elegant appearance, ability to control the amount of light than gets into your room, and ease of operation make them worth installing in any home. However, to choose window blinds and shades suitable to your particular needs and preferences, consider certain factors before purchasing. Read on to find out what those important factors are so you can find the perfect blinds and shades for your home. Vital Factors to Consider When Read more [...]

Top 6 Benefits of Solar Shades

solar shades
Solar shades are popular choice for their benefits and sophisticated look. They reduce the energy consumption due to their insulating properties. Thy can also provide UV protection, and are flame retardant. They can be motorized with varied opacity and is durable too. This infographic by Centurian Window Fashion discuss the benefits of solar shades. Read more [...]

Types of Shades to Stylise the Windows of Your Home

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If you hate waking up early in the morning because of the sun hitting your eyes, then you should install shades in the windows of your room. Shades are a basic window treatment that enhances the appearance of the space, filters the amount of light, and regulates the temperature. Shades consist of solid lengths of fabric that function manually with a chord or a lifting mechanism to pull them up and down. Convenient, stylish and easy to maintain, shades offer privacy and add style to the entire décor Read more [...]

Different Types of Roman Shades to Stylize Windows

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Adding a personal touch to a home is what most people want. But, how to go about it? Window coverings are one answer. They serve as a core interior essential without which a home looks incomplete. If you’re wondering how to stylize the windows of your happy space then here is a blog post all about roman shades. These window coverings are a unique way to decorate your home with sophistication and elegance. They can jazz up your living space with eye-catching patterns and folds. If you’re on the Read more [...]

4 Ways to Cover Windows over a Radiator

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Most old-fashioned radiators are bulky and occupy a lot of space beneath the windows. If you have one of these radiators in your home, then you’re aware of the difficulties it creates when it comes to decorating your windows. We’ve compiled some simple ways to treat your windows without hindering the functionality of these blocky structures. Floor-Length Curtains Floor-length curtains work best with radiators under the windows, but closing them means they’ll block the heat generated Read more [...]

3 Window Covering Ideas to Decorate Bow Windows

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  Bow windows are a popular type of curved windows that are known for their quality of soaking your indoor space with sunlight. They look like rounded bay windows but there are some key differences A bay window has a combination of 2-3 windows whereas a bow window comprises of 4-6 windows protruding outside the wall in a graceful arch. They have more glass area and are larger than bay windows. Bow windows add an architectural delight to your space but are, however, tricky to decorate. Here Read more [...]

4 Window Treatment Ideas to Turn Your Kid’s Playroom into a Teen Hangout Area

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The loving playroom of your kids gradually becomes less useful as they enter their teenage years. Their interest in stuffed animals and toys gets gradually replaced with spending time with their friends. As your kids grow, you need to change some spaces in your home to accommodate their changing interests. While you work on the new furniture, rugs, walls and interior decoration of the room, don’t forget to upgrade the window treatments. Here are 4 window treatment ideas to transform the old Read more [...]

6 Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bathroom

Window treatments for bathrooms are essential for both privacy and natural light. They hold the responsibility of dressing up your plain bathroom windows and complimenting your current bathroom décor. That said, they should also be able to withstand the humidity and moisture in the bathroom. Selecting a bathroom window treatment that meets all the necessary requirements can be challenging. You need to consider many factors like the vulnerability of fabric to mold formation, privacy concerns, Read more [...]

How to Make Stylish Roman Shades Out of Boring Old Blinds

Are you sick of your old blinds? Do you want to something new for the new year? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ll be going over how to turn your boring old blinds into stylish new Roman shades! Now you may be asking—why shades? With Roman shades, you’ll be able to have greater control over light filtration. Not to mention, Roman shades are a very popular look. What You Will Need White faux wood blinds Thick upholstery fabric Scissors Pencil Mod Podge Bowl Clothespins Read more [...]

Incomparably Classy Window Treatment for Your Bedroom

Window treatments form decorative assets. Though in a bedroom, where privacy is the key to feeling calm and serene, window treatments serve more than functional value. Here are a few window treatment options to help make your bedroom feel better. Tailored Statement Just like your dining room or living room, window treatments must suit the decorative styles one is aiming for in the bedroom. For a room with precisely aligned bedding, together with symmetrical furniture placement actually calls for Read more [...]