Keeping Your Child Safe from Hazardous Window Fashions

Every October there are a few hazards pointed out by the National Window Covering Safety Month to raise awareness on the potential hazards of corded window fashions for small children and infants. Co-sponsored by the Window Covering Safety Council and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, parents are mostly cautioned in checking their window treatments for exposed cords, posing a threat to children.

Cordless Window Coverings

The good news is that there is absolutely no need to stifle your design creativity when selecting your cordless window fashions. With this you can achieve both completely safe and absolutely chic window fashions for every room in the house. For a free in-home consultation you will be able to see samples and design guides that stimulate your urge to create unique window coverings.

  • Shutters offer classic and timeless elegance which is always cordless. Available in wood, vinyl, aluminum and composite, shutters must be arched, round, unique shaped for doors and windows. Styles will include plantation shutters, café shutters, folding accordion style or a hinged to swing inward style. You can choose from the many natural wood colors or custom colors, to match the shutters to your furnishings.
  • Window blinds in wood, faux wood, vinyl, composite and our signature Murano blinds can be cordless with motorization or with wand control operation of louvers eliminating dangling cords. With a limitless choice of colors and styles, they award you a smooth and textured finish.
  • Window shades are the most versatile of all window fashions. You can choose from Roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, roller shades and solar shades. Solar ones though have more to achieve in terms of balance of light, privacy and energy efficiency. These can be cordless or motorized, making ideal homes for pets and children.

Beyond Cordless Coverings

  • Wand-control vertical blinds provide cordless privacy and light control.
  • Manual curtains and draperies provide cordless operation for closing and opening.
  • Sliding Track System – a great alternative to the vertical blinds, for sliding glass doors and side-to-side openings, this sliding track operation eliminates the need for chains and cords.
  • With one-touch operation this can easily be the most coveted window fashion element in any Toronto household.

Making Home a Safer Place

  1. Move cribs, beds or other furniture away from windows so that children cannot climb to reach the windows.
  2. Wand control for drapes and blinds is an alternative for all dangling cords.
  3. Keep all cords, as short as possible and out of children’s reach.
  4. Use cordless blinds or shades if your children are able to reach the window.
  5. Spring-assisted clutches need to be installed to raise and lower window coverings, replacing cords.
  6. Break-away tassels are designed to break apart under minimal stress to prevent entanglement.
  7. Cord cleats safely secure the cords away from any child’s reach.
  8. Ensure the continuous loop cords are firmly secured to the wall or floor to prevent a child or pet from getting entangled.
  9. Cord stops restrict how far internal ladder cords can be pulled from a shade or blind, eradicating the chances of a loop big enough to fit over the child’s head.

We are affiliated only with manufacturers, who are committed to the advancement of window coverings with best possible safety options. Fashion, function and protection are given equal importance to render best results in home décor.