How to Choose the Best Window Coverings for Skylights?

If you want a little more air and sunlight in the house without compromising on your privacy, installing a skylight is a perfect solution. They are available in three designs- ventilating, fixed and tubular respectively. Many homes have this beautiful and useful construction installed for its utility. However, a suitable window covering becomes a necessity under certain circumstances. These special window styles have to be fitted with a window treatment that will be set against it.

This post is a comprehensive guide to choose the best window coverings for the skylight so that it looks appealing and serves its purpose at the same time.

tip to choose best window covering for skylight

Why Install Skylights?

Before we discuss the different types of window coverings for skylights, the benefits of having one should be understood. If you installed the skylight to get abundant sunlight flooding your room, you may wish to leave it uncovered. The following are some advantages homeowners can enjoy when they have the skylight installed.

  • Abundant natural light and warmth which is particularly beneficial during the winter.
  • For those who are not able to spend much time outdoors, they’ll be able to enjoy natural sunlight.
  • They are called “roof windows” and rooms without any windows like the attic can be made airy and bright when you install these in them.

Why Choose a Window Covering?

Considering the benefits associated with skylights, you may wonder about the necessity of having any window covering for it in the first place. However, if left uncovered,

  • You cannot control the amount of sunlight allowed into the house. This can be problematic during the summer when you have harsh sunlight that can lead to overheating.
  • Without the suitable window covering, you will also experience heat loss during extreme winters.
  • Lack of insulation and improper installation can lead to temperature fluctuation in the room.

All of this can be controlled when there is a window covering installed for the skylight.

What Influences Your Choice of Window Coverings?

When you are choosing the window covering for the skylight, there are certain things which you must take note of. Ensure the window is properly dressed to not jeopardize your home décor and the temperature and climate balance are maintained.

The following criteria should be considered when choosing the most suitable skylight window covering for your home.

window covering for skylight

  1. The direction

The side towards which the skylight faces determines the amount of light you receive. A flat or mansard roof skylight will be able to give you the optimum sunlight exposure provided there is no obstruction like large trees right above. An east-facing skylight will receive a lot of light during the day while a west facing one will receive the sunlight from midday till sunset. Similarly, north and south facing skylights will determine the influence of wind flow in your home.

  1. The Type

There are different types of skylights based on the design.

  • The fixed skylight is designed for out of reach parts of the ceiling and it cannot be opened or provide any ventilation.
  • The tubular shaped skylight is mainly seen above kitchens, pantries, closets and other enclosed and small areas. It is adjustable and easy to install. However, it is usually left bare and finding the suitable window covering is not a feasible option for them.
  • The vented or roof window, as it is popularly known, is a popular choice. It provides ventilation and is available with manual and electric operation. You can easily install a suitable window covering for it and even control the covering according to your needs.
  1. The Function

What did you install the skylight? Is it for ventilation or just to allow sufficient sunlight into the house? If it is for ventilation, the window covering should be chosen such that it is lightweight and has insulating properties that do not hamper the ventilation. If you want enough sunlight in the room but wish to control it too, window coverings like motorized shutters with adjustable slats is going to be helpful.

  1. The Fitting

The size and depth of the skylight casing should be considered to get a window covering that will accurately fit. Cellular shades and solar blinds are very practical options for skylights because they can diffuse the harshness of the sunlight better. If the window covering is not well fitted, it will not serve the purpose at all. The best way to get a properly fitted window covering is through customization.

There are many companies which provide customized window dressings, like us! A previous blog we wrote will help you learn more about the different window coverings available for special window designs like skylights.

  1. The Access and Beauty

A window covering that lets you control the light and insulation easily from the ground is a good choice for skylights. Motorized versions serve this purpose best. The easy lift system offered by certain designs must be considered for skylights which cannot be accessed from the ground easily. At the same time, the coordination of the window covering with the rest of the home décor is very important. The chosen shades, shutters or blinds should accentuate the overall décor. Colour coordinating, choosing textured fabric or plain and universal designs are some ways in which the window dressing can give a face-lift to the interior décor.

Choosing window coverings for tricky windows like skylights is difficult. When you have the basic knowledge of different designs, materials and your necessities, you can make an informed decision. To get customized window dressings for your skylight, get in touch with Centurian Window Fashions. Visit us during business hours and our talented experts will be there to help you.