How to Clean Your Blinds Without Damage

Life is super-busy. Cleaning every part of your home together the décor elements looks like a herculean task.

Blinds are delicate and you cannot clean them in a jiff. If hastened the process, it might lead to irreparable damage. Here are a few tips for the extra care of window blinds.

Blinds are Objects That Require Regular Cleaning

Your life has its own pace and will wait for nothing.  All you need is to fix a routine and pick up the easiest ways of getting the blinds cleaned. Only this can help you keep these blinds looking good for long.

Easy Tips to Prevent Long-Term Damage

Most of us clean our blinds by just using a cloth, with just a simple swipe and sometimes only cleaning the side people see most. Oh! Come on; we all do it. Cleaning blinds though must be much more than that. To keep the blinds looking good in the long-term it is important to:-

  • Vacuum the blinds at least once a month
  • Dust them to the normal cleaning routine
  • Clean the blinds every season
  • Do a deep clean twice-a-year, especially before the holidays

Cleaning Wood Blinds

Wood blinds differ from other materials, thus making it important to give in extra importance to them:-

  • Use a soft cloth that is lightly sprayed with furniture polish or lemon oil. Start dusting from the top, across each slat all the way to the bottom.
  • If wood blinds are very badly soiled, use mild detergent in tepid water on any clean cloth. Make sure you rinse with clean water and dry with a cotton cloth.
  • Never let moisture stay on these woods.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be not-so-easy to clean if you are planning to cleanse them, owing to their floor-to-ceiling size. Yet a normal dusting during the housekeeping routine can keep them looking fresh all year round.

  • Dust or vacuum each side from top to bottom.
  • Use soapy water on a soft cloth for dirt spots to achieve a deeper clean and rinse.
  • Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • For a sheer blind, unsnap fabric from across the vanes and then proceed to give them a gentle wash. Hang them to dry and snap them back on the vanes.

Cleaning Aluminum, Vinyl, Painted Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Dusting your blinds –

There are numerous ways to clean these kinds of blinds. The first is dusting and here are the three techniques:-

  • Extend your blinds completely and then close them as flat as possible. Starting from the top, clan across all slats, all the way to the bottom, using a feather duster or a soft dust cloth. Now rotate the slats and repeat.
  • Instead of using a cloth, use a sock. Put in a clean sock on your hand and rub your hand, back and forth across each slat, from top to bottom.
  • Use specialty tools for cleaning the slats so as to clean several slats at once, on both sides.

Vacuum your blinds –

  • Using the brush attachment, go over the slats from top to bottom and then side to side.
  • Rotate the slats and repeat
  • Lastly, wipe the slats with a dryer sheet or spray an anti-static dust product to eliminate all dust build-up.

If your aluminum or vinyl blinds are just too dirty

  1. Lay the blinds in a flat in your bathtub in enough water to just immerse them, mix in two or three cups of vinegar and splash of dish soap.
  2. Let the blinds soak for 5-10 minutes and then clean them with a sponge.
  3. For dirtier areas or crevices, a toothbrush can work wonders.
  4. Rinse off in fresh water and lay flat to dip dry, or use a clean cloth to wipe it dry almost immediately.

Take time out of your schedule on a daily basis, to get them effectively cleaned. These will keep your blinds looking bright for long. And if you are not sure enough about the cleaning process, then Centurian Window Coverings has got you covered. We offer free consultation to guide you on the installation, upkeep and replacement of window treatments.