Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Curtains in Your Toronto Home

Window Curtains in Toronto
Curtains are one of the best window treatments as they improve the look and feel of any room. They are also an economical way to cover up your windows and match all types of home decor, if chosen properly.

To get the most out of your curtains, be sure to avoid common installation errors. A badly-hung curtain after all is sure to mess up your room’s design.

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Here are common errors to avoid when hanging curtains.

Curtain Installation Mistakes in Toronto (And How to Prevent Them)

Curtain Installation Mistakes

Homeowners want the best curtains, especially the ones they see in their favourite lifestyle magazines. Invariably, they will be dissatisfied when they are unable to get the same results, typically by not hanging them correctly. Here, we learn errors to avoid when hanging curtains.

1. Installing Curtains the Wrong Way

Hanging curtains at the wrong height is one of the most common curtain installation errors. The perfect height is the one that provides adequate lighting control inside the room.
Simultaneously, you don’t want them dragging on the floor and getting dirty. To determine how high you want your curtains installed, measure the height of the windows and ceiling before you buy.

2. Choosing Curtains That Are Too Short

This common error creates unfavourably impacts your interiors. If you buy longer curtains, you can cut them or place them as close to the ceiling as possible to adjust their length. But when they are very short, you leave little room for adjustment.

3. Picking the Wrong Curtains

You must pick curtains based on the room where they are to be installed. For example, if you want bedroom curtains, choose ones that are heavy and dark. They block light and noise while increasing privacy, all of which is favourable for deep sleep.

4. Not Investing in Quality Curtain Rods

The quality of your curtain rods is a vital factor when installing custom curtains in Toronto. Many homeowners pick low-quality rods to save money. This is a big mistake as poor-quality rods make your curtains look clumsy and odd. So, always buy quality rods made of metal or wood. They are functional and enhance your curtains’ visual appeal.

5. Not Removing Wrinkles

When you buy new curtains, you may be tempted to install them right away. But brand new curtains have wrinkles when taken out from their package. Make sure you iron them properly before hanging them. In this way, you make the whole room look more attractive and elegant.

6. Not Considering Two-Storied Windows

Do you have two-storied windows? Then make sure you either place the curtain rod at the top of your window or keep it between these two stories. The curtains at the top of the window may produce a grand visual effect while installed in the center. So make a proper plan, especially if you want appropriate window curtains for your two-storied windows.

7. Choosing Your Curtains Last

When designing a room, many homeowners choose the colour of the room first and then pick furnishings such as pillows and curtains. Instead, buy your curtains first and then choose the appropriate colour of paint for the room. Otherwise, you may not find curtains that match the colour of the room which will ruin its decor.

8. Don’t Stress

Many homeowners try to hang their curtains themselves, but the job can be overwhelming. You need to install the rods well, correctly measure the height of the windows, and coordinate the curtain colours with the background. Errors are easy to make. The best way to avoid them is to consult a leading window treatment company like Centurian to hang them smoothly.

Curtains that are neat and properly hung make your home look as if it was designed by a professional. These essential tips can help you avoid making any installation errors. Or contact us for a free in-home consultation.