A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Panel Track Blinds

Be it a full-height sliding door to the porch or needing a divider in an open-plan home- panel track blinds and shades are the modern solution to many problems. They are a more sophisticated and practical solution to vertical blinds and available in different materials and fabric. Inspired by the Japanese shoji screens noted for their ability to conserve space within the home, quickly gaining popularity.
This post is a complete guide on the advantages of panel tracks, their application and the installation process involved around them.

panel track shades

Benefits of Panel Track Shades and Blinds

It is inevitable that as the buyer, you will be concerned about the advantages associated with the shades or blinds you select. The same applies to the panel track shades. The following are some benefits you can enjoy when you invest in these window treatments:

  • Versatile

These window treatments can be used for numerous purposes. They are highly functional and during installation, you can determine which way they are to stack when the window or the door is open. Moreover, they can serve as more than window coverings when they are used as dividers in an open-plan room.

  • No dust

The design for minimal dust to accumulate, thus ensuring that it looks as sleek as ever. A little maintenance goes a long way for these blinds or shades. You can simply use a low power handheld vacuum to remove the dust and wipe away fingerprints if any.

  • Style

Regarding aesthetics, the idea of style in window coverings is constantly evolving. The panel tracks are relatively new in the genre of window dressing but have already gained major popularity among buyers because of its stylish appearance. It is ideal for modern and contemporary households and homes with limited space.

  • Custom-made

They are trendy and versatile which makes them the ideal choice for any home. Moreover, you can get them custom-made to precisely fit the window or the door in a variety of colours and textiles.

  • Safe

Usually, window treatments operated with a cord are not the safest choice for children. But panel tracks have a design that is easy to operate for adults and children alike and there is no chance of accidents. This is because they have a wheel-sliding mechanism.

  • Durable

These window coverings operate on a track and hence it is less likely to break down compared to other window treatments which are corded and have a motorized system. Hence, you can save a significant amount on repair and replacement cost.

Where to Use Them

The panel track shades and blinds have several functions and can be used for different uses. The following are some popular use of these window coverings which will also give you an idea about its suitable application in your home.

  • Doors

blinds on doors

This is the most popular use of the panel track window coverings. You can use them for covering sliding glass doors, French doors, and patio doors. They look elegant against tall doors and can create an illusion of height if you choose the right textile texture and colour. The panel tracks are usually wall mounted and can be slid to either side or from the centre. Thus, you can have several types of layout depending on the type of door and the room layout.

  • Large Windows

blinds for large windows

Oversized picture windows, full-height windows are beautiful, and perfect for homeowners who want ample natural light and air flowing in. However, the privacy is necessary too and the panel track window coverings are an ideal choice for them. You can install them as inside or outside mount. The inside mount fits accurately within the window frame, while the outside mount will not obstruct one bit of your view as the installation of the tracks is done by taking the space for stacking the panels, into account.

  • Room Dividers

 room divider blinds

Panel tracks can also be mounted on the ceiling so that it can act as a room divider. For homeowners who have an open floor plan home, this is a great way to demarcate the different zones of the room. Since the panels can be moved smoothly back and forth, they create an accommodating division between the different areas of the room. Sheer panels create an openness within your home and an illusion of more space is created. For more privacy, use heavier materials like woven wood or thick fabrics as panel track blinds.

  • Walk-in closet

Walk-in closet doors can be replaced with panel track blinds as a more stylish and functional alternative. Since you have numerous choices in fabric and material for installing a panel track window covering, you can use a variety of styles as an alternative to the closet doors. Similarly, these blinds can be used for closets housing the washing machine, home offices, playrooms and more. These sleek and lightweight panels are more space-efficient compared to the traditional doors, making it a viable choice in homes with limited space.

There are innumerable possibilities of design and functionality when you choose the panel tracks. You can use solar materials for windows and doors which have maximum exposure from sunlight. Keeping in mind the various benefits and applications of the panel tracks, it can be considered an ideal choice for homeowners looking for space-efficient, low-maintenance and modern styles of window treatment. You can find them at any reputed store for window treatment in the vicinity.