How to Coordinate Curtains with Your Feature Wall

A feature wall is mostly treated as the focal point in a room and it offers excellent opportunities to liven up your space with colours and patterns. However, if you have a single window or multiple windows right beside your feature wall and you want to cover them with curtains, the task becomes challenging!

When selecting curtains to match your feature wall, you need to focus not only on the look you want to create for the overall room but also the purpose they need to serve. In today’s blog post, we’ll share some useful tips to help you to coordinate curtains with your feature wall.

  1. Embrace Monochrome Magic

If your wall features a solid colour without patterns, opt for curtains in solid colours as well. Choose either a lighter or a darker shade of the same colour that your wall features. For example, if your feature wall is royal blue, you can select powder blue for your curtains.

  1. Go for Versatile Neutrals

Neutral colours ideally soften the effect of strong colours. If your wall features a very bold and dark colour like purple or plum, neutral coloured curtains are the best pick for coordination. Neutral colours work really well with almost all options, including other neutral tones.

There’s a wide variety of neutral colours to choose from depending on the shade of your feature wall. If the wall is painted in a warm shade, the top colour selections for the curtains should be white, beige, ivory, butter cream or champagne. For walls with a cool shade, dove grey, taupe or oyster colours are a perfect match.

It’s preferable to choose a solid neutral colour for the curtains when you have patterns designed on your wall. To make the coordination more visually interesting, you can add a band of fabric that matches the colour or shade of the wall on the top or bottom hem. However, if your wall is painted in a solid colour, you can select neutral coloured curtains in fabrics that come with tone-on-tone printed patterns.

  1. Choose Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colour schemes are classic but you must use them carefully. Note that when using contrasting colours, they can end up looking too stark if you pair a solid coloured feature wall with solid coloured curtains. You should opt for curtains that mix neutrals with fabric patterns in a similar shade as that of the wall to temper the contrast.

For example, if you have green walls, choose white or ivory curtains with patterns in shades of complementary green. Similarly, for a blue feature wall, choose an orange curtain with white or ivory patterns.

When selecting the fabric for your curtains, make sure you consider the functional aspect based on the amount of light the room receives. If you want to keep your room bright with natural light, choose a lightweight fabric such as cotton, polyester, silk, faux silk or sheers. To block incoming light, opt for heavier fabrics such as velvet, linen or wool.

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