A Detailed Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Curtains

Curtains attract a lot of dust which makes them and the air, well, dusty. This makes it essential to clean curtains properly so they last for years. In this blog post, you will learn the most effective and easiest ways to clean and maintain your curtains.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Curtains

Before cleaning your curtains, check the label for the right washing method. For instance, washing by hand is the best way to clean velvet or silk curtains as it is not safe to put such thin materials into a washing machine. DIY cleaning is appropriate for curtains made with sturdy materials; dry cleaning works well for other curtain materials.

Tips to Handwashing Your Curtains

When it comes to washing all types of curtains, handwashing is the safest option. It takes quite an effort to fully clean your curtains. To make it easier, use a mild detergent soap or detergent formulated to wash delicate materials such as lace and silk. After picking a detergent, read the instructions, as concentrations differ. To wash curtains of any fabric, use only cold water. Never use brushes or any other cleaning tool as they could ruin the fabric.If your curtains are heavy, steam or dry clean them. As curtains absorb a good amount of detergent and water during the cleaning process, it takes a long time to dry completely. For better results, air dry immediately after cleaning.

Tips to Dry Clean Your Curtains

Dry cleaning works best with light and colourful curtains. Other washing methods may shrink or damage the curtains or drain their colours, so you need to be extra careful. Firstly, get the most appropriate ‘dry cleaning at home kit’ with proper instructions. To check if the fabric is colourfast, pour a small dose of detergent on an unnoticeable area. If the colour fades, look for other options.

Dry clean your curtains

Always read the instructions carefully. As with washing by hand, do not use any rough brushes or tools when dry cleaning curtains. Clean each separately. Afterwards, hang them away from direct sunlight. Heat damages curtains so do not iron them directly. Instead, put a towel, t-shirt or blanket on top while ironing.

Tips to Steam Clean Your Curtains

Do you have a steam cleaner? This method is preferred for curtains suited to washing machines but too big to fit. Clean curtains gently to eliminate dust, dirt and cobwebs. Move the steamer slowly upwards, then downwards to cover them entirely. Pay attention to tough stains left behind after washing, and apply a good spot remover suited to the fabric.

Tips to Machine Wash Your Curtains

Washing machines make curtain cleaning simple, convenient and fast. Remember, most curtain materials cannot be washed with hot water as it leads to shrinkage. Consult the machine’s instructions to determine the perfect temperature to wash and dry them. Be sure to put your dryer on the delicate cycle for safety. A slow spin and cold water are ideal to wash high-quality curtains. Detergent formulated for your curtain material is always the best choice.

Machine wash your curtains

Stay away from bleach or harsh detergents. Clean light curtains only with a washing machine as heavy ones take a long time to dry completely. Moreover, the rinse cycle fails to perfectly clean heavy curtains. Air dry them for the best effect.

How to Dry Your Curtains After Cleaning

Failing to dry your curtains properly leads to mould and bad odours. To dry your curtains quickly, hang them outside on a sunny day with a breeze. Ignore extremely hot areas as direct sunlight damages many curtain fabrics. Look for a partially shady spot instead. If it suits the fabric, dry your curtains in a washing machine. Read the label to learn the maximum temperature your curtains can bear.

Instead of putting them outside to dry, you can also put them in a nicely ventilated room. Keep all the windows open and switch on fans to dry them quickly. Are your curtains prone to wrinkles? Then take them out from your washing machine just before the completion of a cycle and dry them outside. Avoid drying heavy curtains inside as this can lead to mould and foul odours which leads to spores on your expensive furniture.

How to Maintain Your Curtains After Cleaning

Curtain cleaning and maintenance is quite a difficult and time-consuming activity. You may end up spending a whole day cleaning your curtains. If you know how to maintain them, you do not need to wash them so frequently. A high-quality dehumidifier prevents mould. When you cook and smoke inside, curtains attract odours. Draw them out by opening windows widely. This keeps your room ventilated and dissipates any unpleasant smells.

To maintain the quality of your curtains, take them down every two weeks and hang them outside. Remember to vacuum your curtains when cleaning your home. If your vacuum cleaner does not have a setting for curtain cleaning, shake and beat loose dust and dirt and then vacuum.

Key Points to Remember When Cleaning Your Curtains

  • If you have a vacuum attachment specially designed to clean curtains, use it.
  • Vacuum your curtains as part of housecleaning. Wash curtains every two months.
  • Test the detergent beforehand irrespective of the type of material and cleaning technique to be used as your curtain may react badly to a particular chemical.
  • Remove hooks and weights and unfasten tapes before washing so curtains lie flat.
  • Dust your curtains by using a dryer set and follow the no-heat cycle.
  • Do not overload your washing machine as curtains get heavier when wet.
  • Dry curtains on two parallel clothing lines to prevent wet surfaces from touching.
  • Do not allow curtains to rest on wood as this leads to staining.

Cleaning and maintaining curtains are necessary to keep your home healthy. No matter the fabric used to make them, you can always keep them in great condition by implementing the right techniques. Keep in mind these curtain cleaning and maintenance methods and choose the option bested suited to the fabric to maintain your curtains’ quality for years to come.