Custom Draperies: Why They Are the Smart Choice for Your Home

Do you want to change the look and feel of your home? Installing customized draperies is one simple way to do that.

After all, when it comes to refurbishing, windows are one of the most essential parts to consider. Indeed, they play a major role in determining the ambience of a room and home overall.

You can easily install readymade draperies in your Mississauga home, but chances are they will not look or fit perfectly.

This is where customized ones come into play. With the help of customized draperies, you can get the perfect look and fit as per your style preferences.

Keep reading to learn why you should invest in custom draperies, as suggested by the experts at our drapery stores in Mississauga and Vaughan.

Why Customized Draperies Are Worth the Money

Customized Draperies

Do you want to boost the look of your home without spending a lot? Custom draperies can help.

From a design perspective, they add texture, softness, and elegance to a space. When it comes to functionality, they can filter or block light, the view outside (and inside), and noise. Let’s look at the other advantages of customized draperies.

1. Get the Perfect Fit for Your Windows

If you have uniquely-sized windows, custom draperies fit their exact specifications. Indeed, they provide a perfect fit and optimal function. This eliminates the possibility of any gap or improper alignment that can cause air leakage or water penetration. This results in a clean and polished look for your windows.

2. Enjoy the Exact Fabric, Colour, and Style That Matches Your Decor

The fabric you choose can make or break the look of your window treatments.

When you buy readymade draperies, there are limited options in terms of fabric, design, and pattern. But custom drapery gives you endless fabric options, and your designer can guide you to the ones that complement your windows the most.

Whether you want to make a statement with a bold pattern or a neutral colour to blend in with the walls, customized draperies allow you to do both. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colours to create drapery that exemplifies your personal style.

3. Increase Energy Efficiency

Custom draperies can help make your home more energy efficient and stabilize a room’s temperature. Their linings increase the insulation value of a window. These regulate room temperature by reducing the amount of heat lost through windows in winter and preventing heat gain in summer.

Linings are a common feature in custom draperies, as they add body to them, making them hang more smoothly and drape more beautifully. There are several types to choose from, including light-blocking, thermal, and UV-protecting options. These linings can reduce the amount of light and UV exposure in a space, which helps with temperature control and stops furniture and flooring from fading.

To increase your insulation, combine your custom draperies with other energy-efficient window treatments like thermal curtains or cellular shades.

4. Gain Control of the Draperies’ Pleats

When it comes to drapery, the look and the size of the pleats matter. Readymade draperies come with standard pleats. However, because custom drapes are built to your specifications, you may control the pleats. Some of the most popular types are pinch, goblet, and cartridge pleats. You can also choose the location of the pleats and the distance between them.

When drapery panels are professionally pleated as per your preference, they hang more nicely, even when closed, as opposed to readymade draperies that look flat. This extra fullness gives the room a more luxurious appearance and improves the whole space.

5. Enjoy More Durability and Longevity

Readymade curtains are manufactured in bulk. While their cost is lower than custom ones, the manufacturing process does not allow for as much quality or minute detail, and you can see differences in colour, length, and print. You may also find inconsistencies in the stitches.

When it comes to custom draperies, measurements are accurately taken, and the utmost care is given to cutting, hemming, and fabrication before a final round of inspection. Due to this better construction with higher-quality materials and attention to detail during the customization process, custom draperies offer better durability and longevity. You can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

Are you planning to install new window treatments in your home? Wondering whether custom draperies are worth the investment? They provide far more value than readymade ones, such as a better fit for your windows and energy savings. So, consider installing them if you want to show off your personal creativity while you save. To get the highest-quality custom draperies at the most competitive pricing, visit Centurian Window Fashions, one of the most popular window treatment stores in Mississauga.