Custom Drapery in Mississauga: Check Out the Latest Trends

Do you want to elevate the look of your home? Consider installing custom drapery from Centurian Window Fashions in Mississauga to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

While readymade drapery is a convenient window treatment option, it can be difficult to find drapes that exactly fit your windows. This can result in an ill-fitting, unpolished look. They may also fail to meet your expectations in terms of your desired style, colour scheme, and level of light control or insulation. On the other hand, custom drapery offers superior quality, customization, and longevity.

That’s why you should never settle for generic window treatments. Whether you prefer bold and colourful prints or long for layered designs, rely on custom draperies to revitalize your home.

Keep reading to explore top custom drapery design trends to liven up your home.


Transform Your Home with the Latest Custom Drapery Trends in Mississauga

Custom drapery is a great way to add style, personality, and functionality to any room in your home. Centurian Window Fashions is a renowned drapery store in Mississauga that offers stunning window treatments tailored to your unique style and preferences. So why wait? Find out about stunning custom drapery design trends to transform your home today!


Dare to Be Bold

Bold prints and colours are becoming increasingly popular in custom drapery designs. So, if you want to make a statement, embrace bright colours and eye-catching prints to transform your space.

For example, you might choose a custom drapery fabric with a large-scale floral print in bold colours like fuchsia, teal, or yellow. Bold colours like these can really complement rooms that have neutral or minimal decor because they add a pop of visual interest and can serve as a focal point.

Or you can opt for a geometric pattern in shades of blue and green. Modern, contemporary, geometrical, and animal print patterns are fun to incorporate into a room in the form of drapes. For a complementary aesthetic, choose prints that coordinate with the rest of the interior decor and furniture.

You can also consider adding sheers, as their subtle presence provides a tinge of elegance and sophistication. Although semi-transparent, they come in different shades of white, but you can also choose dramatic colours like cocoa and smoke to add more attractiveness to a room.


Go Natural and Support Sustainability

From cotton to silk and satin, natural materials are considered a gift from nature for modern interiors. They not only look fabulous but are an excellent choice for those who want a more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

drapes Mississauga

The best part about drapes made with natural materials is that they keep their colour and shine for a long time and never go out of style. They offer a soft, elegant look that works well in a variety of home decor styles. For instance, if you are looking for feng shui-approved custom drapery for an east-facing bedroom, you could choose linen in a neutral colour like beige or tan. It will help create a sense of grounding and stability in the space, which can be especially beneficial if you tend to feel scattered or anxious.

Or, if you are looking for a soft and smooth material that filters light, you could opt for silk in a muted shade like blush or lavender. Silks have natural insulation properties that can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This can help reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable throughout the year.


Unravel the Power of Layers

Another popular trend in custom drapery is layering, which means combining multiple layers of fabrics and textures to create a more intricate and dynamic window treatment.

For instance, you might have transparent curtains that let in light during the day and heavier drapes on top that offer greater insulation and privacy at night. For more visual appeal, you could also put a valance or cornice board over the top of your draperies. For a strong, eclectic look, you could also overlay patterned cloth over the solid fabric.

Layering is effective in areas with lots of natural light because it enables you to control the quantity of light entering the space while giving your window treatments depth and dimension. It is a flexible method that can be used with both traditional and modern styles and colour schemes.


Be Experimental with Hardware and Accessories 

Draperies are not all about fabric and elaborate coverings. So, if you are willing to explore the newest design trends in custom drapery, you should definitely consider the use of mixed hardware and accessories.

This requires mixing several hardware materials, such as brass and nickel, to provide a distinctive appearance. For example, you might use nickel rings to hold your drapery panels and brass finials for your drapery rod. You could also choose a brass rod with nickel brackets. In order to create a unified, polished aesthetic, mixed hardware allows you to mix and match various finishes. This works well in spaces with a lot of metal elements.

Tiebacks and holdbacks can be used to hold the drapery panels to the side, creating a layered look and allowing more natural light into the room. Draperies with grommets are a simple yet fast-growing trend.


Motorization for Maximum Comfort

This is probably the most convenient trend, where motorization and automation technologies are being integrated to make everyday tasks easier. Window treatments are simple to reach and control with the press of a button thanks to motorization. Motorized draperies offer a simple and practical alternative for people with mobility challenges to operate their window treatments without bending over or straining.

Motorized window treatments generally come with remote control, although many employ smartphone apps. These window treatments offer numerous other benefits, such as energy savings, UV protection, and child safety.


Find Top Custom Drapery Trends with Centurian Window Fashions 

From incorporating the latest hardware and accessories, such as motorized systems and innovative tiebacks to experimenting with bold colours and patterns, these are some of the latest design trends in custom drapery. Incorporating these ideas can create a unique and functional design that reflects your personal style. So, if you want to stay on top of the latest trends while achieving a sophisticated look, consider these options. Visit Centurian Window Fashions to explore the latest custom drapery trends and take your design game to the next level.