What Are the Different Types of Window Valances?

Available in different styles, valances add to the aesthetics of your windows. They can be used as a stand-alone window treatment or along with other window dressings like drapes, shades, shutters, and blinds. Being aware of the different styles available will help you to choose the right option for your home.

This post compiles a list of the different types of valances you can find and how they can enhance your interior décor.

  • Scarf

A fabric draped from one end of the valance rod to another while the mid-section is draping down from the rod is classified as a scarf valance. This is so called because of the fabric material used which is generally a sheer and light-weight fabric that drapes much like decorative scarfs. The ends of the fabric hang from either side of the valance rod. Letting the ends hang asymmetrically imparts an elegant and offbeat style to these valances.

  • Swag

These valances can be short or extend to the floor where it pools. The fabric is folded in an accordion style with the valance held up by decorative brackets on either side. This style imparts a formal look to your room and is noted for its versatility with different designs. For wider windows, a hidden bracket or pin supports the centre of the swag so that it does not scoop too low from the rod. Fabrics of varied weight can be used for this particular style of valance.

  • Ascot Style

A triangular piece of fabric often trimmed with beads, fringes, and tassels is folded and hung from the rod. This style is characterized by its ascot points created through draping. Depending on the width of the window and the drapery, there can be multiple ascot points or a single one. Two to one ascot points through the width of the window is recommended to achieve the perfect look.

  • Scalloped

Scalloped valances have the hanging bottom part of the fabric folds creating semicircular formations. The fabric either lies flat on the window opening or have a slightly gathered look. Usually this style is hung from rod pockets, rings or attached to a firm board to maintain its draping style.

  • Pleated

Usually made from heavier fabrics to impart the crisp and clean pleat, this style of valance looks formal and sophisticated. Lighter fabric material can also be used provided the lining is stiff enough to hold the shape. This is a style that is best left to the professionals as the fabric must be accurately measured and cut to get the clean pleats and maintain the uniformity. The fabric must be stapled to a shelf created above the window so that the pleats are retained.

  • Balloon

This type of valance is an all-time favourite among homeowners for its beauty. The fabric is ruffled on top of the rod, doubled up and pinched such that the pinches swell out. Often the puffs are stuffed with old newspapers or foam to make them appear fuller and retain the style.

Shopping for valances become easier when you can easily recognize the different styles. Hopefully, this post has already started you on your journey to selecting a valence style that’ll match your home décor. For design inspirations and quality material, visit Centurian Window Fashions- a leading drapery store in Toronto.