Simple Dos and Don’ts of Eye-Catching Window Treatments

Styling windows is not everyone’s cup of tea. It might seem like an easy task but can become a hassle, especially for beginners. But choosing proper window treatments is also necessary as they can make a huge difference to your home’s appearance and comfort level. So, what should you do to dress up your windows so they look straight out of a magazine? Don’t worry! In this post, we will share some simple window covering dos and don’ts that designers swear by.

Helpful Dos and Don’ts of Styling Your Windows


1) Take Proper Measurements Before You Buy

To style them like a pro, you need window treatments that actually fit your windows. To do this, you need to take proper measurements of your windows before buying. Measure the exact width and height (left to right and top to bottom, respectively) of the inside edge of the window frame in three places (top, middle and bottom). Make all measurements to the nearest 1/8th inch, rounding up for height and down for width if necessary. If you are not sure how to take these measurements, ask the sales representative at the window covering store to send a professional.

2) Hang Curtains Wide and High

What is the secret to those luxurious windows in top hotels and design magazines? It’s hanging curtains and drapes at least 12” above the window frame or all the way to the ceiling, plus extending your curtain rod 3-6” on each side. This will not only make your space look bigger but also make your windows look opulent.

 Long and high curtains

3) Consider a Valance

Many homeowners think adding a valance adds no value to a window covering. However, opting for a fabric valance softens the appearance of your window treatments, especially blinds and shades. This decorative accessory also makes your windows appear taller, conceals drapery hardware and adds depth and detail to the room.

4) Go for Wide Slat Shutters

Louvre size plays a vital role in the aesthetic appeal and functionality of shutters. Smaller louvres (2 ½ inch) are a good choice for large windows, but the grand and elegant feel of wide slats (4 ½ inch) is unparalleled. If your windows overlook a picturesque view, opt for wide slat shutters for a less obstructed view and maximize the amount of light and air coming into your home.

5) Opt for Natural Materials

Looking at the environmental crisis, many homeowners want to go green. From switching to LEDs to reducing plastic waste, there are a number of strategies to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. But what about your window coverings? Why not choose ones made with natural materials such as wood and bamboo? Wood blinds add warmth and natural appeal to your home décor.

Natural wooden blinds

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1) Don’t Use the Same Window Coverings for Every Room

Window treatments are not merely decorative enhancements. They serve a purpose depending on how the room is used. You should consider this when selecting window coverings for different rooms, instead of choosing the same for every room. For example, a bedroom is for sound sleep so blackout shades are best; whereas a study for reading and writing needs more natural light, hence curtains or shutters are a good choice.

2) Don’t Overdo It

We have all heard the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’, and window treatments are no exception. Layering window coverings is an excellent way to boost style but overdoing it can compromise the functionality of your windows. The more fabric you put on a window, the less light will shine through and the smaller your space will look. So, resist the temptation to go overboard and try layering a few styles instead.

3) Don’t Use Chemical-Based Cleaning Products

There are many chemical-based cleaning products that claim to clean curtains, shades and drapes without damaging the material. However, you should not take the risk as your curtains, drapes or shades can react badly to these chemicals and become discoloured. Clean your window treatments by simple vacuuming, dusting and spot cleaning. To remove deep stains, use a gentle and mild cleaning solution instead.

4) Don’t be Afraid to Play with Styles

There are no specific rules to dressing up your windows so don’t be afraid to experiment. Make a statement by playing with styles and trying out unconventional combinations of window treatments, such as shutters with sheers and shades with valances.

5) Don’t Ignore Your Home Décor

Apart from considering the purpose of a room when selecting window coverings, you should also take into account its interior décor. For example, if you have decorated your home in a minimalist style, plantation shutters and honeycomb shades will be a good choice. On the other hand, if your home features bohemian chic décor, floral print drapes and textured valances are best.

There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to selecting and installing window treatments. That’s why it becomes even more important to make smart choices. With these dos and don’ts, you can master the best ways to style your windows and transform your home décor. If you need help, we can provide an in-home consultation so you don’t make any mistakes with your window coverings.