How to Dress Up Round or Circular Windows

Windows with unusual shapes, like round or circular, semi-circular and oval, are usually seen in older style houses. They add variety and interest to the architecture of a room and can be a decorative asset. However, when it comes to covering them for light and privacy control, they can seem intimidating.

In today’s post, we’ll guide you through a few options for dressing up round or circular windows, also known as porthole windows.

  1. Window Film

These are plastic films that cling to the glass of a window and are an inexpensive but efficient way to control light and privacy. There are several types of window films available such as metal, ceramic, dyed, one-way mirror effect, anti-graffiti, decorative, frosted, UV blocking, glare reduction, insulating, safety and security films, etc. If you want to allow light indoors but block or distort the view inside, then frosted window film is an ideal choice for round windows.

  1. Shutters and Blinds

Circular windows can be treated with custom shutters that come with operable slats. The shutters won’t swing open in this type of window but will be fixed with screws. You can adjust the upcoming light according to your needs. To clean behind the shutters, you’ll need to remove it and then put it back. You can choose from a wide range of wooden and plantation shutters. Custom louvred shutters are also a good choice depending on the style you want to create for your room.

Custom made blinds with wooden slats are also suitable to cover porthole windows. However, to create an interesting geometric design by mixing lines and curves, opt for square or rectangular slatted blinds.

  1. Curtains

Made of fabric, they’re versatile and flexible enough to drape unusually shaped windows. Using flexible curtain track onto the window frame, you can have operable curtains for round windows.

You can also decorate your window as a DIY project by using a quilting hoop and fabric. Wrap the fabric across and around the hoop and insert the hoop into the window frame. It’ll provide complete privacy and when you need to let in light, adjust the fabric or take it out depending on the amount of light you need.

  1. Glass

If you don’t want to dress up your round windows with films, shutters, curtains or any other conventional window treatments, consider decorative coloured or stained glass. As circular windows are a beautiful architectural feature, the decorated glass will make it appear more charming. It’ll provide enhanced privacy without blocking light completely. However, custom stained glass can be expensive so if you have a small budget, then go for inexpensive replicas. For more creative and innovative glass ideas for round windows, check out Pinterest.

Follow any of these ideas to decorate round windows and see the beautiful transformation it brings to your space. Buy the finest quality, branded window treatments in the Greater Toronto Area at Centurian Window Fashions. For a free in-home consultation, contact us.