Dressing Up Your Bay Windows – Finding Something Stunning

Bay windows bring depth and appeal to a room or corridor. If furnished correctly, these decorative windows have the capacity of actually giving your room a dazzling shine. The best and most common options seen all around is just dressing them up in hardwood shutters with 3.5 inch louvers complete with a hidden tilt system. This helps create an aura of sophistication while maintaining a wonderful view.

Though, if you are looking for something more chic here is what you can avail.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds can be one good compliment for any bay window. Mostly of the traditional kind, these are blinds that fold up. Available in huge varieties of patterns, prints and colors they make a stunning variety for all your windows. With a wide range of fabrics ranging from light and summery to thick and cozy, Roman blinds come to bring you a neat and tidy look, when open and lowered. They can also be fitted one blind per window panel. This allows them to follow the shape of the bay window, allowing you excellent control over light and shade in the room.

Roller Blinds

If you lack the stacking space above for Roman Blinds, then Roller Blinds are the thing for you. Easy to use, these blinds allow you to take advantage of the greater view outside. The compact design, taking up minimal space, is versatile, simple and decorative.

Vertical Blinds

In a vertical blind, the tracks can be curved to fit the window perfectly. Alternatively, a straight vertical blind can be installed in every panel, allowing blinds to follow the curvature of the bay, though allowing you added flexibility in that the user can even keep some parts of the window open and others closed.

Perfect-fit Blinds

Using a made-to-measure frame which clips in place, the regular fit blinds are an important addition to enhance the décor of a room. The blinds look like an integral part of the window sill, while also leaving the window clutter free. As every panel blind can be opened up individually, they allow light to enter the room completely. Free from control cords, these are the best for homes with small playful children or pets.


In case you are looking for something strong and long-lasting, shutters are your perfect solutions defining your windows. They are available in a wide range of colors and help tighten the security of a property. If you are looking to flood your room with natural light, then go for larger slats. Shutters can further grant you ample privacy, as they gently filtering the light brought in through their thin slats.


With a classic feel to bay windows, Vertical Blinds can actually look stunning. With an option to filter through as much of light as you like these can be hung to the full-length of the window while being easily suited for your privacy needs.

Any beautiful set of bay windows holds the magnetic capacity of magically enhancing your room. Sheer drapery panels can also be a great choice in this case as they’ll give you just the right amount of privacy lending the room a film of tender translucence.