Why You Should Consider Installing Faux Wood Blinds in Your Home

A popular item in the world of interior design is faux wood blinds. These blinds are different from regular wood blinds because they are made from either a PVC/vinyl, or a composite wood material. Both materials are very durable, especially in areas with high humidity.

The window coverings look like real wood, but are much more resilient, flexible and economical. These aren’t the only benefits faux wood blinds provide.

Why Install Faux Wood Window Blinds?

  • Made from durable polymer materials, faux wood window blinds will not crack, chip or peel in high humidity. It also has UVA inhibitors which prevents yellowing.
  • When closed, these blinds bring about a significant reduction in energy consumption with greater temperature control.
  • The blinds effectively block UV rays when closed, thereby preventing damage to flooring, furnishings, artwork and other valuables.
  • Usually comes with a contoured bottom rail or a decorative valance.
  • Due to the composite nature of the material, faux wood blinds can be cleaned very easily. Just about any cleaning product can be used on them without fear of damage.
  • Easy to accessorize with decorative and solid tapes, thereby adding a personal touch option.

Faux Wood Blinds Look Better with Colors

The composite nature of the material means that these blinds can come in a wide variety of colours. While white and off-white are the most popular shades of faux wood blinds, you could have up to 15 different color options available depending on the product.

The contrast, impact and boldness available with these coloured blinds make them a great fit for any home décor patterns or painted window trims.

These blinds can be easily fitted to suit your living room, dining room, family room or bedrooms. High-traffic areas, with a lot of ambient humidity, benefit the most. The blinds are at their best in areas such the kitchen, washrooms and laundry room.

How did you make use of your Faux Wood Blinds? Let us know!