How to Find the Right Exterior Shutters for Your Home

Shutters are the ultimate window coverings if you are looking for a long-term solution. Depending on the design and installation process, they can be characterized as exterior and interior shutters. The ideal choice will not only serve the practical needs perfectly but will also enhance the overall external beauty of your home. Hence, homeowners are always extra-careful when it comes to choosing the right window shutters. Toronto has several reputed stores which provide custom-made shutters and also offer installation services across the GTA. However, before you start exploring your options, keeping in mind the following tips and criteria will help you to invest wisely.

Reasons to Choose External Shutters

There are several benefits that external shutters provide for homeowners looking for a permanent and long-term solution for windows. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Beauty- High-quality shutters which are designed well can complement your home décor perfectly, and add a touch of sophistication.
  • Durability- External shutters are made from materials that are highly durable and are known to last for years.
  • Protection- Due to the high durability of these external window coverings, they are like an added layer of protection from external elements like unfavourable or extreme weather, air-borne debris, and trespassing.
  • Privacy- Homeowners have absolute control over their privacy as they can control the slats’ tilt according to their requirements.
  • Air circulation- You can lift and lower the shutters according to your need for air and sunlight. The air circulation within the house will be in your control depending on how easily the shutters can be lifted or tilted.
  • Customization- To get the desired style and accurate fit, external shutters can be custom-made from any reputed store which offers this service.

Tips to Find the Ideal Option

Once you understand the important role that shutters can play in improving your home’s aesthetics and functionality, choosing the right option for your home becomes easier. The key is to be clear about the criteria that are important to you and find the perfect fit based on them.

  •  Consider the features of your house’s architecture

The exterior shutters should be chosen while keeping the architecture of your house in mind so that it complements the home ideally. To do so, you must be well-acquainted with the types of exterior window shutters available in the market.

  • Louvred

Exterior Window Shutters - Louvred

These are the most common type of shutters featuring angled slats that allow enough light and air. They are primarily designed for providing protection for rain and can have fixed or movable louvres. These types of shutters are best for houses which features elements of the Victorian, Colonial Georgian, Federal and Greek Revival eras. Plantation shutters are ideal for homes with the southern state features and one of the most popular louvred style these days.

  • Solid and raised panel

Exterior Window Shutters – Solid Raised Panel Shutters

These window shutters are identified by the number of panels in each of the shutters. The design is simplistic and versatile, making these shutters a great choice for various types of house architecture.

  • Board and batten

Exterior Window Shutters – Board and Batten

These shutters consist of several vertical boards which are mounted over a horizontal or a “Z” bracing. The style complements rustic and barn-style homes the best.

  • Bermuda or Bahama

Exterior Window Shutters – Bermuda or Bahama

These shutters are fixed at the top of the window and common in the tropical and the coastal regions. It is perfect for sun and storm protection and aesthetically complements ranch-style, cottage and cape cod homes.

  • Determine the best materials for external shutters

In order to determine the right choice of material for custom-made external shutters, you should consider the weather condition of the locality, your budget and whether it complements the external décor of your home. The most popular materials for exterior window shutters are as follows.

  • Wood- When you want an overall traditional and classic vibe in the home décor and plan for a permanent and long-term style and functionality, choosing wooden shutters for windows is a wise move. They are sturdy, provided you do not live in a humid region prone to rain.
  • PVC- Polyvinyl chloride shutters are commonly called vinyl shutters and one of the most versatile, easy to maintain and affordable option. If you are on a tight budget, these are perfect to serve your needs. However, vinyl is not as sustainable as wood for making durable exterior window shutters, though it is water resistant.
  • Faux wood- Are you in love with the texture and warmth of wood but have a tight budget? You can still get the perfect external shutters with wood-like texture at a much lower rate by choosing faux wood which is also reputed as more resistant to moisture than solid wood.
  • Aluminum- This is the best choice if you are looking for the ultimate protection for your home in extreme weather. Metal shutters for outside windows are the most durable but expensive choice that can last for decades.
  • Composite- Medium density Fibre or MDF is also called composite and used to make shutters which are easy to maintain and can be used even for your bathroom and kitchen windows because the material is processed to be highly resistant to moisture.
  • Accurately measure the windows

This is where the chances of mistakes arise and is extremely crucial that it is done accurately. The window must be measured accurately first so that the shutters fit the window perfectly. It is recommended that you opt for custom-made shutters as it is not always possible to find the perfect fit among the ready-to-install options. Homeowners can measure the windows themselves or hire a professional of window coverings to do it since they have the necessary expertise to quickly but accurately take the measurements.

Window shutters for external installation should be sturdy enough to withstand the weather and other adversities. Considering the types of window shutters, materials and measurements will be helpful when you are looking for the best external shutters that will match your home and requirements.