A Quick Guide to Selecting Window Treatments for Kitchen Sink Window

When it comes to covering your kitchen windows, there are several choices available. A beautiful window over the kitchen sink is aesthetically delightful as it allows the warm daylight inside your space and brightens it up. But choosing the right window treatment for a kitchen sink window is often tricky because of its location.

You need to choose your kitchen window treatments carefully so that they’re fashionable yet durable, easy-to-clean, and resistant to moisture and heat. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the suitable solutions so that you make the right purchasing decision for your kitchen sink windows.

  1. Blinds

They’re a flexible window treatment and are available in various styles and varieties. Since the area in and around the kitchen sink sees a significant amount of splashes, faux wood and vinyl blinds make a better choice than real wood blinds. If you’re fond of wood textures, you can select faux wood blinds that mimic wood grain patterns. They’re durable and can be easily cleaned. They can also complement your kitchen cabinetry, furniture and interior decor well. Depending on the size and shape of your window, you can opt for horizontal or vertical blinds.

  1. Shades

There are different types of shades available and you need to consider a few things to find the right covering that suits your kitchen window.

  • For Street-Facing Kitchen Window: Privacy is a concern when your kitchen sink window faces the street or your house is located in a crowded area. Therefore, you need a window treatment that will let in light while providing adequate privacy to your space. Solar shades are an excellent option in this case.

These eco-friendly shades are available in various colours, designs, and styles to give your space a contemporary makeover. They provide enhanced privacy while allowing incoming light. They also reduce glare and protect your interior from harmful UV rays. It’s easy to clean these shades and they are resistant to water damage. Some solar shades come with the added advantage of antimicrobial properties to resist the growth of bacteria, and mold.

  • For Window that’s the Only Light Source: If your kitchen sink window is the sole window in your kitchen, it’s important to select a covering that won’t obstruct natural light from coming in. A light-weight window treatment is what you’ll need. If privacy isn’t an issue, opt for sheer shades. 
  • For Kitchen Window with Amazing Outside View: If your kitchen sink window offers a beautiful view of the outside, you can opt for a waterproof roman shade, woven wood shade or a cellular shade. They can be completely pulled or rolled up which makes them convenient when you wash your dishes while enjoying the outside view.

These window treatment options are ideal if your house is surrounded by a protective courtyard or is located in an area where privacy isn’t a big concern.

  1. Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are a low-cost solution for your kitchen sink window. To keep your kitchen airy and bright, you can choose cafe curtains in sheer linen. These curtains will also provide you privacy. Hang them on a decorative rod installed about half the length of your kitchen window. If you don’t want to hang sheer curtains, you can choose any light-weight fabric with attractive colours, designs, and patterns that match the style of your kitchen.

Choosing the right window treatment for your kitchen sink window is very important. For more ideas on dressing your kitchen window, give a check at Pinterest.

If you’re still unable to decide which option will best suit your kitchen window, consult our design experts at Centurian Window Fashions. Whether you have a traditional or a modern kitchen, we have a wide range of window solutions from premium brands to give your kitchen the best facelift!