A Guide to Shutters (and How to Choose the Right One)

If you’re in search of window treatments, shutters are a great choice. They’re stylish, easy to maintain and come in many varieties, with something for every home or office. Shutters also offer great insulation and help control noise, ventilation and light.

But with such a wide array of options, how can you be sure you’re picking out the right kind?

To help, our experts have come up with this mini-guide on shutter types and how to know which is best.

A Quick Guide to Shutters

Let’s discuss the different types of shutters available and find out how they can add value to your space.

  1. Plantation Shutters 


Plantation shutters are among the most popular types as they allow light in when open and block it out when closed. They additionally block heat, making them a great choice for homes located in warmer climates.

Their wide louvres (or slats) are what differentiate them from other window treatments. They come in widths of 2.5-inches to 4.5-inches, with larger gaps providing more of the exterior view. These slats can be opened and closed with a strip of wood that runs vertically along the shutters’ centre.

They’re cost-effective, energy-efficient and versatile options, with many designs and shapes available, making them an ideal option for every home. When looked after properly, plantation shutters can last many years. And with so many varieties available, you’re bound to find something that fits well with your interiors.

  1. Café Shutters 


Café shutters provide light, privacy and a view outside simultaneously. They’re available in a range of colours and are made using durable and easy-to-care-for polymer or wood composite. The impressive selection of finishes, colours and stains available allow you to control exactly how they will look once installed.

Although they’re half-height, these window coverings offer timeless beauty with practicality as the top half allows in light and offers a view of the outside while the bottom half ensures privacy. Moreover, these shutters are child and pet-friendly as they are free of dangling chords. This makes them a great choice for nurseries and children’s rooms.

Their resilience means they can also be installed in rooms that deal with high levels of humidity such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  1. Vinyl Shutters 


Vinyl shutters are great for both homes and offices due to their flexibility and durability. They’re available in virtually any colour or style, can last a long time, and offer a level of customization that can’t be found with other materials.

Vinyl is light (but heavier than wood); easy to install, clean and maintain; it doesn’t cost too much and rarely needs to be repaired. These flexible shutters can be horizontal or vertical. They can be customized to display certain colours or patterns when kept closed or opened.

  1. Composite Wood Shutters


Also known as faux wood or engineered wood shutters, this type is made using medium-density fibreboard wrapped in a vinyl coating. They’re an ideal alternative to wood shutters due to their resistance to both humidity and weather. If you’re looking for the luxurious appearance of real wood without the investment, composite wood shutters are the way to go.

  1. Shutter Louvres 


These are made using tiny slats that open and close at a fixed angle. The style can be organized into different sections similar to panel shutters and are popular in homes and offices located in warm and temperate climates. This is because they offer great ventilation and can keep out the sun, rain and cold when closed.

Tips to Choose the Right Shutters for Your Space 

Well-placed and chosen shutters are a great finishing touch, whereas poorly picked ones can affect your property’s resale value. We’ll help you choose the best window shutters for your interior space to ensure you end up with something that adds value to your home.

  • Decide on the Placement and Function

Before picking out interior or exterior shutters for your home or office, you need to figure out what purpose you want them to serve.

While window treatments are great at keeping out light, they can also elevate the look and feel of any room. If you want shutters to keep light out, interior shutters allow you to block light out completely.

However, if you want decorative shutters, consider placing them on the exterior side of the windows.

Even if you’re not looking to use them, you should still choose hardware that allows you to move them. Steer clear of ones that are inoperable as they will be difficult to clean.

  • Pick out the Material

Although location and style are important, the material the shutter is made of is equally vital.

Most shutters are made of wood because they offer a classic appeal, no matter where they’re installed. However, this also means they’re among one of the most expensive window treatments. They also require more upkeep because they have to be sanded before being repainted to repair spots with peeling or chipping paint.

Aluminum shutters are durable and don’t require as much upkeep. Additionally, metal is durable and doesn’t scratch or chip easily, making it great for spaces that experience wind-blown debris or hail. Their only drawback is that they hold heat, making the rooms they’re installed in quite hot.

  • Choose the Style

While shutters in any style generally look great in most homes, matching the style to your decor allows you to create a seamless appearance.

If you live in a colonial-style home, panelled or solid shutters are ideal. Solid shutters are made using a single piece of wood with inlays to offer a textured look. On the other hand, panelled shutters offer a classic appearance with one piece of wood having panels along the centre. These shutters are used more for decorative purposes than keeping out light or heat.

In plantation or Southern-style homes, it’s best to go to with shuttered louvres, a.k.a. plantation shutters. These interior shutters are also a great choice for those looking to keep their homes cool in summer.

In an informal home, like a French Country style-one, using broad shutters is recommended. Since they’re made using a solid piece of wood, they offer a simplistic, elegant appearance.

With so many options, you don’t need to worry about finding practical, stylish and convenient shutters that offer privacy and are easy to maintain. Moreover, most shutters can be customized to your requirements. Hopefully, this guide helps you make the right choice for your home or office, allowing you to create a space that is both appealing and stylish.