Hands On Guide To Shutters!

Shutters are popular window treatments almost everywhere and have been around for quite a while adding to a home’s curb appeal. Shutters are basically a framework of horizontal and vertical rails with operable louvers throughout the framework. The louvers could be horizontal or vertical depending completely upon the personal choice of a home-owner. Window shutters are also known as plantation shutters and were traditionally made of wood. Choosing window shutters for your home can be an overwhelming process if you are not well aware of your options and how to go about the process.

People desiring to give their home an old world charm and feel, opt for wooden shutters that are made from various kinds of wood in different textures and colors. However, vinyl shutters made of polyresin compounds give their wooden counterparts stiff competition and have garnered immense popularity over the years because of certain distinct advantages over its wooden equivalent.

Vinyl vs Wooden Shutters

It is quite difficult to make out a vinyl shutter from a wooden one. The only difference that helps distinguish the two is the color. With vinyls color options are limited while the wooden ones can be painted in addition to different wood finishes. Vinyl shutters come mostly in light or neutral colors.

Vinyl shutters score way higher on this parameter as compared to the wooden ones because they are not affected by any natural element like water, heat, snow, etc. hence do not crack, peel or fade which is quite common in case of wooden ones. Vinyl shutters are always a better option for external installations as they can weather all kinds of harsh climate. They are also fire retardant, another major advantage for installations inside the house.

Vinyl shutters gain an advantage over the wooden ones in case of maintenance as they are way easy to clean. Shutters installed in kitchens or bathrooms or in any exterior area of a house, require periodic cleaning which can be done with any cleaning agent or water, while you have to careful in case of wooden ones so that you do not damage the wood.

Cost and time
Vinyl shutters are much more cost effective as compared to wooden ones which can be quite expensive. Also they can be installed in lesser time than the wooden ones which require high professional expertise. Though there are several inexpensive versions that are available, do not get overwhelmed by low prices alone or else you might end up compromising on quality.

Whenever you are planning to shop for shutters, keeping in mind the following factors will be beneficial. Look for:

  • Choice in frames
  • Flexibility in size and movement of louvers
  • Quality
  • Opacity
  • Metal reinforcements at stress points for strength
  • Thickness of walls
  • Warranty