Home Library Window Treatments (Top 8 Choices)

Do you love reading and have a spare room? Why not create your own home library? After all, having the perfect place to store your books, unwind and get lost in your favourite story is a dream come true for any bibliophile.

Whether your potential library is modern and funky or sombre and vintage, the window treatments you select will have a major influence. Choose carefully, as this element can enhance the ambience of the room and create an ideal reading space – or not.

In this post, we outline the eight window treatments that work best for library windows and how they can accentuate your home’s overall decor. Have a look.

Top 8 Window Treatments for Your Home Library 

Make your home library cozier and more functional with the help of these window coverings ideas.

1) Curtains and Draperies

Curtains and draperies are the traditional choices for home libraries because of their timeless appearance.

As far as functionality, you can open and close them depending on how much light you want. Choose blackout curtains or drapes to control how much sunlight or streetlamp glare you let in.

You can even buy curtains printed with the image of books, letters or newspaper prints to match the theme of your home library.


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2) Wooden Blinds

For a modern or contemporary home library, choose wooden blinds.

They’re durable and come in different colours and stains. The warm colour of wood is relaxing and complements wooden bookshelves.

The louvres control light and privacy during the day. Yellowish light from fixtures bring it all together at night to create a cozy ambience with this window treatment.

If your budget is limited, consider faux wood, composite wood or woven wood shades to get a similar look at a lower cost.

3) Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized window coverings, like automated blinds and shades, are among the most convenient ways to add privacy and control light to your home library. They can take your favourite reading spot’s comfort, protection and beauty to a whole new level.

Here’s why you should choose these window treatments for your home library:

  • Motorized blinds and shades boost your home library’s energy efficiency through insulation and light control. You can open them during the day to let in natural light and close them at night with the touch of a button to maximize light efficiency . Some models even have sensors to open and close the shades depending on the room’s temperature.
  • You don’t need to leave your cozy reading nook to operate the shades manually. Instead, you can set a schedule to raise or lower them.
  • With motorized shades or blinds, you don’t have to struggle to get them into the exact position to control glare according to the sun’s position. They can move in one fluid movement to the right spot and in perfect alignment.

4) Sheer Panels

If you count on sunlight to accentuate your home library decor, sheer panels are the simplest solution. They look beautiful on their own and can be paired with curtains or drapes for additional privacy.

Sheer panels are made with soft, airy fabrics that allow plenty of light into the room. Pair them with curtains to add an elegant and traditional feel. Being a versatile window treatment option, they look good with any lighting, depending on the colour of the fabrics.

Quick Tip:

Apart from sunlight, warm light is the best way to create a comfortable home library. Choose bulbs of a colour temperature between 2000k and 3000k for best results. Also, use table and floor lamps to provide ample yet unobtrusive task lighting.

5) Cellular Shades 

Noted for their versatility, cellular shades work wonders in any room, including libraries.

Their insulating properties help control the space’s temperature, making it warm and cozy. This also protects rare and old books from damage.

Cellular shades can also muffle outside noise to some extent, thus creating a calm and quiet place to read.

6) Sheer Curtains

This is a great choice for muting the intensity of harsh sunlight, filtering just the right amount of warmth and light into the room. The flowy, airy nature of curtains provides natural elegance that adds to the space’s charm. Moreover, if you love bare windows, you can simply pull them aside and tie them for an interesting visual appeal.

7) Roman Shades

Don’t trust automation? Roman shades are your best bet. They come in various fabric types, provide ultimate privacy control, and work well with both modern and traditional homes. This is the ideal shade to create a relaxing atmosphere for a window-side reading nook for serious studies or casual reads. They can become the focal point of the room depending on the fabric you choose.

8) Plantation Shutters 

Plantation shutters are an unconventional window covering choice for a home library. Though shutters provide light control, they’re not the preferred option compared to others on this list.

They do, however, have one unique quality which makes them a go-to window treatment for a home library. When combined with double glazing, plantation shutters dramatically reduce noise infiltration, allowing you to concentrate on your book without distraction.

A tranquil home library is a great space in which to escape and enjoy your favourite books. But to transform an ordinary reading spot into a welcoming one, you need suitable window treatments. Choosing one of the above-mentioned window coverings for your home library will make a huge difference to its appearance, feel and practicality.

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