How to Dress Your Toronto Home’s Window Shades for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So, when planning your home decor for the upcoming festivities, don’t forget to pay attention to your windows. Believe it or not, they play an essential part.

Although windows were created to let in light and air, it’s up to us to decide how much. With the right drapes, blinds, curtains, or window shades for your Toronto home, you can shut out the world in style!

But with so many options of window treatments available, choosing the right one isn’t simple.

The right drapes or shades add just the right amount of colour and warmth to your living space. But what is the right fit for your bedroom? And which shade will go well in your living room? The truth is that if you aren’t aware of the basics of window treatments, styling your home’s windows could be a challenge.

In this post, we will make things easier by outlining a few simple ways to decorate each and every window in your home. So, let’s get started.

Decorate Your Home with These 5 Simple Window Dressing Tips!

Are you ready for Christmas? Follow these tips to get your home ready inside and out for the festivities.

1. Living Room Windows

Unless, you live in an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows. The high-end look of hanging curtains is a good choice for Christmas. Go for longer panels that hit the living room floor. The extra length may cost more, but these longer curtains will make your room look taller and bigger.

Don’t forget width! Go for a curtain rod that extends past the window casing by a few inches. This will also let in a maximum amount of daylight.

2. Bay Windows

If you have bay windows, then these will become your home’s focal point. But don’t stress overdressing them as you have options. For luxurious, cascading drapery, install a single rod. You can go for a customizable design that allows you to adjust the width of the curtain or drape.

Another option is to treat each bay window as a different entity and install Roman shades. Choosing Roman shades in your Toronto home that are a little darker will give a modern look and feel to this style of window.

3. Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows can be tricky to dress when you have cabinets on the sides and top of windows. Also, curtains over the sink can get in the way when doing dishes; it’s better to go for woven wood shades instead.

Roller shades in Toronto offer a clean, streamlined look while bringing much-needed texture and warmth to otherwise lifeless kitchen appliances. Such shades will let in as much light and air as you wish. If you have a porch and/or garden, you can roll up the shades to have a nice view while cooking.

4. Stacked Windows

If your home is blessed with both high ceilings and stacked windows, you need to dress them well this Christmas. It’s relatively simple to make stacked windows look great as long as you’re selective.

The best option is to hang a rod between the windows to break up the space. Using single roller shades on both will give a chic vibe to the living space and a clean look to the windows.

5. Bedroom Windows

Your bedroom window should be dressed in a comfortable and cozy way this Christmas. Your goal should be to control the amount of light that comes through. If you wish to sleep in on the weekend, blinds, or shutters can keep out all light.

If you are fond of airy fabrics on your windows, you can still enjoy them without giving up on light control. Simply layer them. For example, try pairing white curtains with bamboo shades. This will give your bedroom a very airy and carefree look and feel.

Christmas is right around the corner. And if you wish to prepare your home for the fun, follow these tips. Let them inspire you to perfect your living spaces’ style and decor for a brighter and better Christmas. To get the best window shades in Toronto at the most affordable pricing, click here.