How to Pick the Right Curtains for Your Home (Quick Guide)

Choosing the right curtains for your home is not easy. Indeed, there are many factors to consider, including the function of each room and the style that you want.

To that end we have broken down the curtain-buying challenge into a number of categories and appropriate suggestions.

Try out these tips to make your curtain shopping that much easier.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Curtains for Your Home


There are a number of essential design considerations when picking curtains for your home. Ask yourself these questions to make the job that much easier.

Which Is the Best Fabric? 

Curtain fabric is not just about how they look; they play a vital functional role as well.

Blackout curtain block light while sheer curtains give both privacy and light.

Then there are thermal-lined curtains to keep rooms warm in winter. (These are much-loved in Toronto and Mississauga homes.)

Some fabric, like linen and cotton, look more formal while others, like silk and velvet, are more festive.

Which Colour Is Best?

Picking the right colour for your curtains is extremely difficult, especially if the design of your room is not finalized.

Be sure to pick a focal point to pick the colour accordingly. Do you want all eyes drawn to the window? Then go as bold as you can with colours and pattern. Or, if there’s a piece of furniture you want to highlight, make sure the colour of your curtains complements it.

If your room is neutrally coloured, choose curtains with bold colours and patterns to create a dramatic contrast. On the reverse side, if your room has many colours and patterns, use neutral-coloured curtains. And if your curtains will be in direct sunlight, use light or neutral colours since direct sunlight fades darker colours.

What Length Is Appropriate? 

Homeowners too often only consider the space between the window and the floor when determining the length of their curtains. They forget that there’s a lot of dead space between the ceiling and window.

If yours is a small room, choose curtains that hang close to the ceiling but also all the way to the floor to make the room look taller. This will open up the room spatially but is not ideal if you want a cozier setting.

Also, consider if you want the curtains to end just below the window frame, barely touch the floor, or pool on it. This will obviously affect the measurements of your curtains.

Of course, you will need correct measurements for the width as well. You will need to add a few inches extra to the width of the window to gather the curtains. But if you add too many inches, your window will always be partially blocked, even if you pull the curtain all the way back.

How Much Maintenance Are You Willing to Do? 

When choosing curtains, always consider what kind of cleaning and maintenance they require. Can you handle curtains that need regular cleaning and care? Do you need curtains that can be machinewashed or drycleaned? Is handwashing okay?

Ideas for Curtains in Various Rooms

Bedroom Curtains Mississauga

Every room in your home has a different function. Similarly, the function of your curtains will vary accordingly.

Bedroom curtains

Bedroom curtains should create a cozy environment. They should protect your sleep from being interrupted, either by lights outside or the sun. In a cold climate or noisy area, go with insulated curtains.

Kitchen curtains

An open kitchen should be airy and bright and have sufficient ventilation to keep it free from the smells of cooking.

Kitchens usually have small windows, so you can use café curtains for privacy and light control. Don’t pick anything billowy so it won’t interfere with dirty dishes or catch fire.

Living Areacurtains

Your living area should be inviting and filled with light. Indeed, a breezy room will make any gathering more pleasurable, so choose linen or sheer curtains.

If you want privacy you can combine them with blackout curtains or blinds.

Formal Rooms

If you have a formal dining or sitting area, use lush, solid-coloured curtains made from velvet or satin. For a less dramatic effect, go with heavy curtains made from cotton or linen.

Bathroom curtains

Pick curtains made from practical materials that do well in damp spaces like polyester, vinyl, or microfibre.

Outdoor Living Area

Use UV-reflecting fabrics like polyester and silk for outdoor areas. Also consider curtains that deter flying insects. This will allow you to enjoy your outdoor setting even more.

These tips will help you get the perfect curtains for your home. Besides taking into consideration the length and colour of the fabric, you’ll need to think about what works practically in each room. Still not sure what kind of curtains will work in your Toronto or Mississauga home? Consult our experts for more information and ideas.