How to Select Custom Curtains for Your Living Room in Toronto

Living room curtains are not just highly-functional window treatments. They can also transform the overall appearance of the room and make the space look complete.

If the windows are your living room’s focal point, selecting the appropriate curtains is important but also a challenge. How long should the curtains be? What specific styles or materials are suitable? These are a couple of the vital questions to consider when selecting custom curtains for your Toronto home.

In this post, we discuss these important points to help you make an informed purchase.

Tips for Choosing Custom Living Room Curtains in Toronto

When purchasing these window coverings, you should consider their purpose and why you want them. For instance, if your goal is to improve your home decor, concentrate on its style.

But living room curtains also control the space’s light and privacy, so both these factors may determine your choice. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting custom curtains or draperies in Toronto.

For maximum privacy, combine curtains with shades or blinds. This blending creates multiple curtain choices. Be sure to select the appropriate fabric for light control. For example, sheer curtains allow in natural light while blocking dangerous ultraviolet rays. Linen is a medium-weight fabric that can filter light, though less so than sheers. Heavyweight fabrics can also be paired with linings to block natural light completely. Blackout curtains, meanwhile, have an exclusive lining too, naturally black out sunlight.

Don’t forget too that the heights of the windows may vary. If the windows look the same, that does not mean they are the same height. Even an inch of difference may create a big problem.

When measuring windows, take into account how far each one is from the ceiling. Consider the closest window to the ceiling as the measurement for the window heights in order to install the curtain’s hardware.

To calculate the appropriate window’s vertical size, measure from the moulding’s top edge to the window sill. For horizontal measurement of the window, calculate from one moulding’s outer side to the others.

1. Choose the Right Length of Curtains

Right Length of Curtains

Length is one of the key measurements to consider when selecting living room curtains. Remember that short curtains are rarely attractive.

For floor-length curtains, decide how you want to mount them. The panel lengths of standard curtains are 120”, 108”, 95”, 84” and 63”. How you hang these curtains will depend on the height of the window and how you want to install the curtain rod.

Select from these three curtain length options:

2. Hover

In this instance, the curtains appear to hover above the floor. This is one of the most common ways to mount floor-length windows. This is because it looks stylish and clean and makes closing or opening the windows easy.

3. Puddle

If you want your curtains to look cozy and stylish, choose the puddle look. This means having up to six inches of fabric on the ground in a puddle. If used with softer and thinner fabrics, this ‘puddle’ will create a comfortable feel. Bolder and stiffer curtains may enhance your living room’s style quotient.

4. Break

These winter curtains hang as if they may hit the floor as well as bend at the bottom but don’t puddle. Usually, they are 1” to 3” longer than the measurement to the floor. This look is elegant but not formal or stuffy.

Determine the Appropriate Width of Your Living Room Curtains

If you wish to pair curtains with window blinds or simply want to hang them for decoration, you may not always need precise calculations. But precision is necessary when you wish to cover the whole window.

For example, to calculate the width of your curtains, add 12 inches to each side to cover up the moulding. Moreover, the curtain rod should go 4” to 6” beyond the window frame. Standard curtains are usually 48 inches wide, with some sheer curtains double this width.

Most Popular Living Room Window Curtains

Your selection of living room curtains will likely depend on your budget and decor. But, since this is usually the first room visitors see, it is advisable to choose high-quality custom curtains.

As mentioned, we recommend long curtains for this space. Pick rod pocket, grommet or pleated styles based on your preference and room decor. The rod pocket style is a classy way to mount curtains or drapes. In this style, a case sewn on the curtain panel back at the top helps the curtain rod slip through.

Curtains with grommet tops feature metallic open rings punched into the fabric at the panels’ top to allow the fabric to slide along the curtain rod more easily.

In pleated curtains, the pleats may be stitched as well as pinched at the top. This helps the fabric folds flow down in a formal but stylish look.

Your selection of window fabric is dependent on how much privacy and light control you want. For example, living room curtains can be patterned, bold, or plain. Make your selection based on your decor.

These are the key factors you should consider to improve the ambience of your living room. Whether you have a modern or traditional-style room, custom curtains can beautify your kitchen, living room or any space, and boost its functionality. Are you looking for the best Roman shades for your Toronto-area home? In order to buy the best window treatments for your space, get in touch with Centurian Window Fashions.