Why It Is Important to Choose Window Coverings for Transoms

Transom windows are windows above the door or a crosspiece that separates a door from a window above it. They are generally built to provide cross-ventilation while allowing more natural light inside the living space. Originated in ancient gothic churches, these architectural details are now commonly found in every part of the world. But, no matter how popular these structures are, when it comes to choosing transom window treatments, people often choose to omit the coverings.

The idea of not putting blinds, drapes, roman shades or any other window treatments on transoms can mar the beauty of your home décor. Don’t you agree? Here’s why it is important to choose transom window coverings.

1) Privacy

The first thing you’ll be losing out on by omitting window coverings for transom is your privacy. If you choose to leave the top window exposed, especially ones in your bedroom and living area, people walking on the street or your neighbours might be able to see you in your home, when they are on their patios or balconies. Do you want that? Obviously not. That’s why it is advisable to cover your transom with roman blinds or shades so that you can cover the open area whenever you want privacy.

2) Continuity

Transom windows are a challenge for interior decorators, thus forcing many to leave the windows as is. However, this creates discontinuity and gives a strange look to the overall interior décor. To make sure that your room looks balanced, carry window treatments up into the transom area and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Install the curtains rods above the top window, instead of using it to divide the windows into two parts. Curtains or drapes hanging from the ceiling or right above the transom will not only give uniformity to the structure but also make your living space look clean and clutter-free.

3) Light Capture

Most people fail to understand how transom window coverings help in enhancing the interior lighting of your home. If you cover the transom with shades, blinds or even plantation shutters, it will keep your room bright at night. The reason is light travels in a straight line until it bounces off a surface . Covering the transom will allow the light to bounce back inside the room, thus making it brighter and more illuminated.

4) Sun Protection

In summer, an exposed transom can allow sunlight to enter your room. That said, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause discolouration of your wood floors and furniture. Even if you don’t have wood floors in your home, direct sunlight can increase the temperature of your room and make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why covering the transom with curtains, plantation shutters or any other suitable window treatment is necessary. A covered transom will not only protect your gorgeous floors and designer wooden pieces from becoming a victim of sun fading but also help maintain a favourable temperature inside the room.

5) Energy Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, if you leave your transom windows uncovered, they allow direct sunlight inside the room, thus increasing the indoor temperature during summer months. It can negatively affect the heating and cooling system of your home as this can result into loss of heat during colder months and loss of air conditioning when the weather is hot. Choosing transom window coverings is your best bet to make your home more energy efficient. You can consider installing honeycomb or cellular shades as they are effective in blocking sunlight and insulating windows to save energy.

Transom windows are a great addition to living space as they allow extra light and air inside while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home décor. But leaving them uncovered can negatively affect your home’s appearance and hamper your privacy. The best bet is to opt for suitable transom window coverings that provide sun protection, add privacy, increase energy efficiency and enhance the beauty of interior décor. All you need to do is consult a window treatment expert near you and get their help in choosing a suitable cover for these top windows.