7 Inspiring Tips to Style a Cozy Window Seat

From enjoying the outside view on a rainy day to finding a perfect spot to curl up with your favourite book, a window seat is that cozy corner which every homeowner wishes for. If you’re blessed to have enough space at home to introduce a window seat, then why not design it to create an inspirational relaxation zone with the help of some interesting additions?

Place a Comfortable Seat

The window covering experts at Centurian Window Fashions have come up with seven tips to style a window seat so you get that ideal spot for leisure.

1) Place a Comfortable Seat

To create a comfortable window seat, you need comfortable furniture to sit on. A miniature sofa, chaise lounge or a built-in cupboard will be an excellent addition to your window seat. Cover it with a plush mattress and your cozy nook is ready. Take measurements of your window before buying furniture or constructing a structure to ensure that your seat’s size matches the window’s width.

2) Add Cushions and Throws

No matter the space you have on your window seat, capitalizing on style is necessary. Add some colourful cushions and throws to the seating area and make your nook even more comfortable and relaxing without losing out on aesthetics. That said, these plump cushions and soft pillows will bring in colours and give an interesting appearance to your window seat.

3) Choose a Functional Window Treatment

Since it is a window seat, you need a suitable window treatment to make the most of this space. Drapes, curtains, shutters and vertical blinds are great choices for a window seat as they reduce glare, provide light filtering and control. You can open and close these window coverings whenever needed and get protection from direct sunlight when you’re relaxing on the window seat. Also, these window covering options don’t take a lot of space, so you don’t need to compromise your peaceful corner space to operate these coverings.

4) Accessorize with Amenities

Even when space is limited, you should not ignore the amenities you need when you curl up with a book or your laptop to watch a web series. Make the area near your window seat more functional and inviting by adding a floor lamp illuminating the seat with soft light (you need a light source at night), mini bookshelves at one side of the window and a small table to put your belonging such as cell phone and a glass of water.

5) Add More Seating Space

If you’re creating a window seat in your living room, then boost its livability by adding more seating space close to it. Place a conversation set or two love seats at each side of your window nook. It is a great way of utilizing free space near your cozy seat and encouraging conversations, especially when you have guests over. With this arrangement, you’ll be able to attend your guests and participate in the conversation without leaving your comfortable spot.

6) Place a Textured Rug or Runner

After spending a lot of time on your window seat snuggled in your blanket on a chilly winter night, you don’t want to step on the cold floor. Place a wool rug or runner near the seat to provide comfort to your feet even after you’re out of your relaxation zone. This addition will not only increase the coziness of your favourite leisure spot but also make the space look complete.

7) Maximize the Underutilized Space

The underutilized space beneath the window seat can be used for storage to maximize every inch of space you have. Build drawers, shelves or add baskets underneath the sofa, chaise lounge, built-in bench or any other furniture piece that you’re placing to create a window seat. This space can be utilized to store clothes, shoes and cushions. Also, it is an ideal spot for displaying decorative items and your favourite reads acting as a frame for your window. You can take inspiration from some window seat ideas on Pinterest to find out other interesting ways to utilize the unused space.

A window seat is a multipurpose nook that can be used for a reading retreat or to elevate the style of your home décor. Being in the window treatment industry for quite a long time now, we come across many customers who want the best for their window seats because its their most loved corner of the house. If you have a window seat on your wish-list too, then create one today and accessorize it with the above-listed tips. All the best!